What domains Reader’s Digest and 23 others bought last week

Reader’s Digest buys a .net and other end user domain sales.

This week’s end user sales report includes big names like Reader’s Digest and the UAW. Also note the handful of companies that bought the .net equivalent of one of their .com domain names.


The owner of Audioteka.pl bought Audioteka.com for $12,000.

Vancouver Laptop, a laptop repair shop, paid $1,499 for ReplacementScreen.com. It already owns VancouverLaptop.com and VacouverLaptops.com.

Sign company Sign Expo NYC bought ExpoSign.com for $1,600. Its web site is SignExpoNYC.com.

The owner of ArtofItalyPlastering.com bought the shorter ArtofItaly.com domain name for $2,488.

LifeTips bought DesignerAccess.com for $12,000.

Global Evisions Solutions, Inc., which owns Evisions.com, bought Evisions.net for $1,617.

Another case of a .com owner buying the .net: Newcomb Broadcasting Corporation, which operates the Christian radio station WFAX and owns WFAX.com, paid $1,477 for WFAX.net.

And again: Reader’s Digest bought TasteofHome.net for $1,588. It owns TasteofHome.com.

Workers union UAW paid $2,800 for ChooseJustice.com.

Centurion Medical Products bought CMPDirect.com for $1,088.

Family law lawyer Frank Tournour picked up NewJerseyDivorceMediation.com for $1,395. He owns NewJerseyDivorceLawyer.com.

Farm Bureau Management Corp bought IAFB.org for $1,677. The Iowa Farm Bureau, which is connected, owns IFBF.org.

Audiovisual company AV Associates picked up AVAssociates.com for $1,800. It has been using the singular AVAssociate.com.

Veterinarians Online, based in Sweden, paid $1,700 for VetZoo.com.

Community 1st Credit Union bought C1stcu.com for $1,477.

The owner of junglejuicebar.fi went global with JungleJuiceBar.com at $1,195.

Law firm Jensen & Jensen paid $1,000 for JensenGroup.com.

National Student Clearinghouse, which does degree and enrollment verification, bought TranscriptServices.com for $1,488.

Web hosting company Fused.com bought FusedWeb.com for $2,095.

Financial management firm Windsor Assets paid $1,900 for WealthWatcher.com.

National Financial Educators Council paid $1,000 for SavingsFund.com.


Digital Travel GmbH bought HotelBooker.co.uk for $5,400.

Irish IT consulting and managed services company Version 1 bought Version1.co.uk for 1,250 GBP. It already owns Version1.com.

UK travel company Southall Travel Limited bought TravelTrolley.com for 1,200 GBP.


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