Confirmed: Netflix buys

Netflix buys domain name.

[Update: Netflix has confirmed its purchase of A spokesperson tells Domain Name Wire “Netflix cares about keeping DVD healthy, and this is just one small investment in keeping DVD healthy.”]

The nameservers and registrant information for just changed. The domain now forwards to, signalling that Netflix may have purchased the domain.

Sometime around March 25 the nameservers changed from to ULTRADNS.NET, the same DNS provider Netflix uses.

The domain’s whois also changed from a Network Solutions private registration to a DNStinations registration. DNStinations is essentially a whois proxy service for brand protection company Mark Monitor. Mark Monitor has done work for Netflix in the past, including registering domains related to its short-lived Qwikster name.

Given this confluence of changes, I’d be willing to bet that Netflix has purchased DVD. I’ve reached out to Netflix for comment.

Now, any guess on the purchase price?


  1. says

    If true I am more interested in the “why?” Netflix is an online provider. Do they plan on splitting the biz again with the right domain? This assumes they did not want or have the money to support the brand support needed for Qwikster.

  2. says

    I also don’t get it, but here’s a crazy idea: Maybe Netflix will use the domain for an online video portal and “DVD” would end up standing for “Digital Video Download” or “Digital Video Destination”. Admittedly a stretch, but you never know…

  3. John says

    People still sell 8-tracks at my local flea market. I’d say there is a market for DVDs for 30 more years at least.

    Even if it is a fading market money can still be made on the way down.

  4. John says

    Sometimes when people ask me if I want to do something on a Friday or Sat. night, I tell them I can’t because I have to take a tape back to Blockbuster videos.

    It’s great to see their expression to this here in 2012. :)

  5. says

    Many people still rent and buy dvd’s even though everything is moving to online streaming, so I can see the relation for Netflix, even though it doesn’t feel like a slam dunk domain for them. I’d say a domain like would be much better for what they do.

  6. says

    I believe that this sale was it 6 digit range because it was parked domain for the most of the time and while there was a website there was not much going on on it. The domain name itself is valuable for type in traffic but it’s about it.

  7. says

    Good catch Andrew!

    I must not have had enough coffee in me while doing my morning digging yesterday and missed the move.

    You missed another one, so I will write about that one now. LOL

  8. Louise says

    @ Andrew said: don’t think most people say “let’s go rent a BluRay”. They say “Let’s go rent a DVD”.

    Isn’t it the truth? Look at Lana Del Rey’s hit, Video Games. Even the inspiration for that was long past, video games, but that is what they are still called.

    You made the front page of Techmeme, front and center: – nice going! Refreshing to see domain news front and center with all the startups . . .

  9. Peace says

    I find Bill Sweetman’s idea quite intriguing. A “Digital Video Download” site would be awesome; and might entice some of the Netflix former customers to get back on board.

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