Warner Bros Registers Hangover 3 Domain Names

Studio registers domain names in case another sequel comes to fruition.

Hangover 2With Hangover 2 grossing $200 million in its first five days and the director saying he’s planning a third installment of the comedy film, Warner Brothers has registered a number of domain names related to “Hangover 3”.

The company registered Hangover3movie.com, HangoverMovie3.com, Hangover-3.com, the-hangover-3.com, and theHangoverMovie3.com.

Unfortunately for Warner Bros, Hangover3.com is already registered to a Washington D.C. man.

But don’t expect the entertainment company to pay big bucks to the owner to get it. As I pointed out on a recent interview on NPR, movie companies rarely pay to get the “best” domain name for their films.

Want some proof? Hangover2.com is parked, while the official site for the latest films is HangoverPart2.WarnerBros.com.

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