Quinstreet Buys CarInsurance.com for $49.7 Million, Says It’s Done For Now

Quinstreet buys another insurance web site but says that’s it for now.

Fresh off purchases of Insure.com and Insurance.com, Quinstreet has paid $49.7 million cash for CarInsurance.com and related entities. In a press release, the company said this purchase:

…expands our proprietary media and traffic sources in Insurance, consistent with our strategy. It builds on our recent acquisitions of Insurance.com and Insure.com, both of which are performing well, and provides us with additional, complementary capacity to better serve consumers and clients at ever-increasing scale. This acquisition completes our near-term program to identify and acquire the best of the largest independent online organic media properties in the Insurance vertical. Our efforts now turn primarily to building these properties to provide exceptional consumer information and experiences, and to delivering great measured marketing results for our clients.

In other words, the company is done with its major insurance web site acquisitions and will now focus and getting the most out of its properties.

According to Compete.com, CarInsurance.com gets over 200,000 unique visitors a month.


  1. Landon White says

    @ Andrew

    47.7 Million
    Something is worth what someone
    will pay, they say!
    no piggy bank deal.for sure.

    Footnote: noticed your DNW @ 7.5 4k down
    from 08 … u a bandit on that one :-0

  2. says

    If you’re valuation method takes into account domain name AND rev, qnst should go after bnx (banks.com) publically traded with a market cap of about $4.6 million. Qnst should do a hostile takeover of this company and get a great domain like banks.com (which by the way does about 300,000 uniques per month also with plenty of mortgage traffic). They buy CarInsurance for 50 million why not buy banks.com for less than 5 million? They do similar traffic figures…

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