Floats Higher with Good Domain Name

Cloud computing company gets more marketing punch with good domain name. VP of Business Development Shannon Williams admits that he wasn’t a huge believer in the power of a generic domain name for marketing. But when the opportunity for his company to purchase was discussed internally, he finally came around. Now he is a believer.

I caught up with Williams during HostingCon this week in Austin. He explained some of the benefits of having the company named

-When Williams meets people and mentions his company, people think they’ve already heard of the company because of its good domain

-People think the company is bigger than it is

-Value for Search Engine Optimization

Putting on his corporate sales hat, Williams says that the domain itself doesn’t add value without a good underlying product. Their product was already selling, and they were doing well because of the product, but he says the domain is like putting some extra gas on a good fire.

It’s certainly more memorable than the company’s old name, VMOps.


  1. Steve M says

    … an’ when they want to add employees … and if he ever wants to take VC $ … or merge with another entity … or sell the company … NOW how much value does add to the company?

    $250,000? $500,000? $1,000,000 or more?

    Yea; that was one wise move.

  2. says

    i would love to know how much sold for.
    just as a domain i would have valued at low to mid xxx,xxx minimum
    to a company in the sector then obviously worth far more

    anyway of finding out Andrew?

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