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    1. BY - Dec 09, 2009
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    3. 10 Comments quickly tells you which TLDs are registered.

    In August I wrote about contacting owners of .net and .org domain names that you own the .com version of. It’s an easy way to find end users to buy your domain names. But my explanation of how to bulk check for domains you own with .net and .org taken was a bit involved.

    So here’s a simpler solution: use Today I plugged in about 50 domains I’m thinking about selling, and quickly came back with its results. The last three columns tell you if the .com, .net, and .org are registered:


    As an added bonus, you’ll also get the other data including search results frequency, searches, traffic, advertiser competition, and average cost-per-click.

    Not bad for a free service. Try it out to find end users that have registered other versions of your .com domain names. You might find a whale.


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