e.Biz Sells for $66,001

e.Biz steals the show at successful one character .biz auction.

It’s no surprise that e.Biz was the top selling domain name in Sedo’s one character .biz domain name auction.

But $66,001?

That will certainly turn a lot of heads. Especially since the winner could have picked the domain up for a few hundred dollars and a commitment to develop/market it had it gone through .biz registry Neustar’s RFP process.

About 20 bidders participated, but just two bidders fought it out after the bidding hit $25,750.

The sale will attract a lot of attention to the .biz top level domain name, and perhaps stoke a bit of fire into .biz domain values.

Although e.biz was the show-stopper, many other domains sold for respectable prices, too. 1.biz sold for $32,003. It will be interesting to see how this domain is used, as I’d think you would also want to one one.biz.

Please note that these are unofficial results that I collected.

1.biz $32,003
2.biz $5,801
4.biz $7,601
5.biz $6,100
6.biz $8,100
7.biz $7,877
8.biz $8,200
9.biz $7,901
a.biz $10,099
b.biz $10,005
c.biz $8,988
d.biz $26,110
e.biz $63,001
f.biz $8,250
g.biz $9,400
h.biz $5,300
j.biz $8,250
k.biz $6,900
l.biz $5,000
m.biz $15,611
n.biz $8,001
p.biz $7,878
r.biz $8,855
s.biz $8,211
t.biz $7,602
u.biz $10,009
v.biz $6,100
w.biz $13,500
x.biz $10,099
y.biz $8,988
z.biz $8,988


  1. says

    Nice names for business portals, or as a company’s online identity. The single letter names could be used to coincide with a company name first initial like g.biz for Google, etc.

    • says

      @ DNLingo – correct, they were just released after getting ICANN approval. Next, the registry will release all two character .biz domain names that aren’t the same two letters of a country code. That means no my.biz.

  2. says

    This is a great lesson to those who want to create their own extension, if this auction was for .com the bidding would of started at a minimum of $250,000 and the sky is the limit. I can say .biz has 10 more year to catch up.

  3. saeed says

    O.biz is owns by overstock.com and they have their web site o.biz up and running.
    i.Biz was sold through Moniker.com at auction for $17K.
    D.biz is owns by german company(Ideen.com).
    M.biz is coming soon(Mobile wireless)

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