Dell has the Adamo, But Tucows has the Domain

Dell releases Adamo computer; domain registrar Tucows owns

[Update: Dell has purchased] I track domain name registrations by Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) on a regular basis. The company is no slacker when it comes to registering or requesting transfer of any domain that includes its trademarks. Which is why this story on is surprising.

Dell launched its sleek new Adamo laptop but didn’t procure the domain name Dell is using the domain, but many confused people are typing in is owned by Tucows (AMEX: TCX) as a last name in its NetIdentity portfolio.

Here’s Bill Sweetman, General Manager of Tucows’ Yummy Domains, explaining what happened:

Dell never approached YummyNames although they claim a broker approached us anonymously and got the impression it would be too much money, but no one here has any knowledge of that exchange and, besides, we also offer domain name leases for as little as $750 a month. We subsequently reached out to Dell’s ad agency, Enfatico, when we noticed a traffic spike to the domain dating back to the CES announcement of the laptop in December. We are fans of Dell and want to help them out but they seem to think even $750 is too big an investment for a global product launch. We are all stunned that Dell, of all companies, doesn’t get the value of a good domain name!”

$750 a month? Dell’s customers will ultimately find its web site (especially since Tucows has added a link to, but this seems like small price to pay to avoid consumer confusion.


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    Sounds like Tucows is being too nice to Dell.

    See, ad agencies don’t want Dell to use the domain name. That’s not a “brand” that they invented. It’s not the stupid subservient chicken that Burger King ran with for a long time.

    Once the Dells of the world realize that they only need a domain like and not some domain, then the ad agencies will be following the newspapers to the unemployment line.

    On the flip side, you know who does value domain names? Lawyers.

    Tucows will most likely get a WIPO claim whether they deserve it or not.

  2. says

    I believe that Tucows has all rights to the domain name It was registered according to the whois record in June, 1996. As far as I can see, Dell does not have any registered mark called Adamo, and Dell knows that. On July 10, 2008, they filed for the wordmark Dell Adamo and it was published for opposition on Mar 31, 2009. If I were Tucows, I would oppose Dell’s action for the registration since it dilutes the value of the domain name, and if Dell really wants to name their computer Adamo, they have to pay the big bucks in the high 6 figures. It is extremely difficult to find such a domain name which is needed for a major brand for less than $400-600 K.

    I am at loss here, Andrew.

  3. says

    I wouldn’t touch this with a 20 pound hammer. So Tucows will now reach out to you when your copyrighted name is in their portfolio? Cute. I doubt they would be charging $750 a month to Dell. I think Tucows approaches the industry very stupidly and gives us all a bad name.

  4. says

    @Rob Sequin – In this particular case, based on our conversations with Dell’s ad agency, Enfatico, the ad agency does appreciate the value of a good domain name. Unfortunately, their client (Dell) still does not, as they chose to pass on the $750 per month lease.

    @Mansour – You are right, from a legal perspective, Dell does not have a leg to stand on. We can and do defend any attempt by companies to reverse hijack our valuable surname domain names, and we have a strong track record of winning UDRP claims. I doubt that Dell would add insult to injury by filing a UDRP complaint against us. But if they do, we will win.

    @4 – Adamo is not “copyrighted” nor is it a trademark; it is a common surname. We are fans of Dell and are trying to save them from themselves. Yes, we did offer Dell a $750 a month lease (our standard leasing rate), which they turned down. We tried to help Dell avoid making a foolish mistake, and we have been nice guys throughout the process. I don’t see how that is “stupid” or gives anyone “a bad name.”

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    Good luck. I agree that tucows is doing everything right. It’s just unfortunate that the ad agency is stupid. I guess you have to let them be stupid.

    I would take that $750 per month off the table. It will be interesting if they send in the lawyers. Keep us posted.

  6. robb says

    Right, they don’t get the value of a good domain name? Was this domain name available for sale? If so, Dell should have tried to buy it through a third party well before the product launch.

    Funny you get a story like this, and then there’s the guy who bought for over 1 million for his business and is happy as heck!

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