Barack Obama Goes .Mobi

Presumptive Democrat nominee uses .mobi for mobile web site.

United States Presidential candidate Barack Obama is leveraging the mobile web to get his message out. His campaign is using And unlike most popular .mobi domain names, it actually resolves to a .mobi domain rather than just forwarding to a mobile version of a .com we site.

The site does a good job providing interactivity despite mobile limitations. For example, it provides a text response number and lets users receive a whitepaper about Obama’s mobile plan via e-mail (since downloading it on the phone wouldn’t work well).

The only unfortunate news in this for .mobi fans is that this is a long and poor domain name. forwards to an page. Even worse, is owned by a New York firm. was registered prior to the Barack Obama campaign picking up its domain name.

According to the dotMobi blog, Republican candidate John McCain doesn’t have a mobile site. is registered by a company called “Campaign Solutions”. isn’t registered yet, but is registered by the same company that owns

[From dotMobi blog]


  1. paul says

    “Even worse, is owned by a New York firm.”

    Andrew, I know it seems to defy conventional wisdom but you don’t need the com to build a .mobi. It’s now clear to me that Obama is indeed the candidate of change 😉

  2. Guy says

    can only be HUGE news for .mobi investors, only a fool would suggest otherwise. just goes to show .com is the tld of choice still for cybersquatters! lol
    ‘word’ mobile cannot be seen as a bad choice imho, the election is near and they won’t have time to try to win etc even IF they could win back, so they went with an educated choice. main point being they went with a .mobi. However hard you try to paint it negatively otherwise.
    wonder what big news is next? hoho

  3. Andrew says

    After rethinking about it, I think not being able to get is worse that being owned by someone else. “” is redundant.

  4. paul says

    Come on Andrew, you can do it… admit this is very good news for .mobi. You can stop finding what is wrong with this, it’s ok.

  5. Anonymous says

    “The only unfortunate news in this for .mobi fans is that this is a long and poor domain name.”

    That’s actually great news for .mobi. The fact that such a “long and poor” domain was their only option in .mobi, yet they still went with a .mobi, is very telling.

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