Coming Soon: Google Ads On Yahoo Parked Domains?

Yahoo-Google partnership may deliver Google ads on Yahoo-parked domains.

Before everyone in the domain industry starts freaking out about the Google (GOOG)- Yahoo (YHOO) partnership (and there are plenty of reasons to worry), there may be some good news.

I just finished listening to Yahoo’s shareholder conference call, and it’s clear that Google ads will also be shown on Yahoo’s publisher network. Whether or not that includes parked domains is unknown, but there’s a high likelihood that these ads will be syndicated on parked domains. Domain parking is a small part of the pie, and probably too small for it to be contemplated this early on.

This will benefit owners of “long tail” domain names parked on Yahoo advertising feeds. As Yahoo admits, Google is much better at monetizing long tail domains than Yahoo.

My main disappointment with this deal is that it only applies to the U.S. and Canada. Yahoo is weak in many other countries where Google excels, and a partnership overseas makes sense.

Also, the partnership implementation will be delayed up to 3 1/2 months for the U.S. Department of Justice to make sure they’re comfortable with the deal.

So be worried, but also look at the upside potential.


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    Even if it results in being good news for Yahoo feed users, Emil; with Google’s resultant growing pricing control, any such “good new” may be short lived…

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