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GoDaddy acquires DNAcademy

Company hopes to teach more people about domain name investing.

Headshot of Michael Cyger
Michael Cyger has sold DNAcademy to GoDaddy and joined the company as Director of Education – Domains.

GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY) has acquired DNAcademy, an education platform for domain name investing.

Michael Cyger founded DNAcademy seven years ago. What started as a basic education platform has ballooned into something much bigger, with many course modules and tools for domain investors.

“I’m at a place where I want to pour gas on the fire,” Cyger told Domain Name Wire. “I want to bring in as many people as possible and educate as many people as possible.”

GoDaddy will help bring in that audience by promoting DNAcademy to its customer base.

Paul Nicks, GoDaddy’s President of Domains, said this is a natural follow-on to work the company has already done to introduce the aftermarket to its customers. For example, the company introduced a way for non-investor customers to list domains for sale on the aftermarket. That has generated hundreds of thousands of new domains in the aftermarket.

As part of the deal, Cyger will join GoDaddy as Director of Education – Domains.

GoDaddy is already a DNAcademy customer. All new domain brokers there go through the course as part of their training.

The company has not yet decided if it will change pricing for DNAcademy.

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    • Matthew Geisel

      Matthew Stalkwell, GoDaddy appraisals, and Go Daddy programming language written by a human are a complete sham. Expect program bias in favor of a specific demographic. Good luck receiving 10% of GoDaddy appraisal value if you are not linked to Stalkwell’s preferred demographic.

  1. Anthony Mitchell

    Well done Michael!

    Given GoDaddy’s resources, what tools can now be built?

    With the importance of domains and the power of branding being increasingly recognized in emerging economies, there’s a big need for education for potential buyers around the world. GoDaddy, with it’s powerful mix of service offerings, is now in a strong position to move forward there, especially with DNAcademy on board.

    Speaking about getting on board, you ever going to try boating over to GoDaddy’s offices now?

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