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Blockchain companies are showing interest in .XYZ domain names

Blockchain-related companies are buying .xyz domains on the aftermarket.

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One of the most exciting stories in domain investing this year is that of Swetha Yenugula. She has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars building a .xyz portfolio of nearly 20,000 names, and this year she’s had record results from her portfolio.

As she turns heads with names like quest.xyz for $70,000 and flip.xyz for $28,000, I looked into her recent high-value sales to see if there’s a pattern. Indeed, it appears that blockchain companies are showing an interest in .xyz domain names.

I reviewed the past 30 sales that Swetha revealed on Twitter. 10 of them are already developed, and 6 of those are blockchain-related companies.

These six domain names are used by companies in DeFi, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain areas: flip.xyz, talisman.xyz, highlight.xyz, decent.xyz, agora.xyz, and demeter.xyz.

Two of the domains, scott.xyz and kenji.xyz, are personal sites.

Continuum.xyz is a site that helps creators with their freelance careers and maxim.xyz forwards to a VR site on .one domain.

Blockchain companies seem to be more willing to use non-.com domains than traditional companies. They’re also flush with money right now, so dropping five figures on a .xyz domain is not a big deal for them.

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  1. Skiel says

    Maybe because .XYZ was the first tld integrated with ens. BUT that has changed recentlyas .com, .us, and others are able now to integrate.
    My gut tells me she outbounds to those in the space also. Gotta do what u gotta do.

  2. Skiel says

    On np they attack people calling them haters for expressing their reservations and questioning how this person made these sales which are rare and mostly inclusive to her.

    Anything is possible no matter how improbable.

    The biggest Factor Imo is the left of the dot. It seems that more businesses are finding it more important to get an EMD. When it is taken in. Com they have no choice but to go to another extension.
    That said I do find it possible she made those sales but not without doing outbound to the right parties.
    I also do find it possible that it could be part of a marketing scheme by the registry owner because of the founders past shenanigans.

    I think it’s a bit of both.

    • Snoopy says

      Keep convincing yourself bro.

      Only difference here is “the gang” promoted .gg and .io and said .xyz is shite. Therefore the .xyz sales must be fake/outbound/fugazi.

      • Skiel says

        Negari is actively promoting .xyz on ens twitter feeds.
        Maybe we should start promoting .com and .us to them since they are also compatible and better options.

        • Snoopy says

          Please do not mention .us in the same sentence as .com. That extension is pure junk, not even 5% of .XYZ.

  3. Sweet names says

    Most one-worder dotXYZ are not developed and are still available for cheap, hence these sales. Once such one worders are gone, then we’ve to see.

  4. joesaba2014 says

    There is much more in other extensions than in (Com) I congratulate the seller on his sales domains (xyz)
    I have cam, club, run, today, vacations, live, software, online with two letters, three numbers and one word, all of them were premium and buying for more than $500 for two years, investing is a risk, luck also arriving when least one expects it It seems incredible that Wine (Com) registered by hand (Com) at 9 months only get $500 to $2000 on time and wine.club in three months of registration get $ 145K

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