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Marketing top level domains – DNW Podcast #351

How do you make a top level domain stand out?

Picture of Suman Das of Radix with the words "Marketing TLDs with Suman Das" and "DNW Podcast #351"

Many top level domain names became popular over time thanks to use. Someone saw another company use the TLD, so it used it, too. Relatively recent examples include .io and .ai. But that’s not always the case; .co became popular thanks to marketing that primed the pump, and then community usage took off. Any company that launched a “new” TLD in 2014 or later has had to market its domain to get traction. On today’s show, I talk with Suman Das, director of brands at Radix. He explains Radix’s tactics to market its top-level domains and create brands around them.

Also: A slowdown ahead, Puma’s RDNH, MMX deal update and more.

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  1. MMU says

    imo 2 factors gave .co value.
    1) countries are familiar with it overseas because of examples like .co.uk etc.
    2) has traffic from people accidentally not adding the “m” to the end of url.

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