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BrandBucket adds lease-to-own option

Marketplace will let buyers pay for domains over 12 months.

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Brandable domain name marketplace BrandBucket is joining a growing number of marketplaces that will let buyers pay off domain purchases over time.

Sellers will be able to opt in to the new system that gives buyers the option of paying a domain name off over 12 months.

Much like DAN.com’s domain financing program, BrandBucket charges additional fees to the buyer if they choose to pay for the domain over time instead of upfront. It adds a 20% surcharge for domains up to $9,995, 15% up to 49,995, and 10% for domains over that threshold. It also frontloads 5% of the total service fees with the first payment.

BrandBucket will split those additional fees 50/50 with the seller. Sellers can withdraw the payments each month.

Initially, lease-to-own will only be available for domains held at GoDaddy and NameSilo.

Sellers can opt-in by going to the Sales Settings area of their accounts.

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