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BrandBucket releases domain name sales data

Company releases sales data…for last year.

BrandBucket released some sales data about 2016 today. Yes, we’re talking about data from last year so it’s a bit tardy.

The brandable domain marketplace sold 1,017 domains for an average price of $3,070, so sales totaled over $3.1 million. The median sales price (the most useful metric for sellers) was $2,295.

14.5% of sales were to repeat buyers.

238 people sold domains on BrandBucket last year and 51 of them had four or more sales.

The company also announced today that it is selling more premium domains after lowering its commissions for them. It has completed three six-figure transactions with more in the works.

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  1. Piotr says

    2.5% yearly turnover seems decent for brandables and may actually speak for BB’s added value compared to a private landing page.

  2. Nat Hunt says

    The numbers are good on the face of it, but in relation to 2015 it shows the fleeting returns of continuing to add inventory.

    Inventory grew from about 23,000 to 43,000 names over the course of 2016. For an average, 33,000 is a pretty fair number to use. So BB sold 1,017 out of 33,000 names = 3.1% <— that's stellar

    In 2015, they sold 801 out of 16,000 average = 5.0% <— that's insane, those were the good days, believe me

    So the increase of 17,000 names only created an additional 216 sales.

    216 / 17,000 = 1.3%

    • Juan says

      Great information here. Thanks. At the same time, I understand that they charge for every name that is added to their platform, so that’s an important revenue increase for them.

  3. Richard says

    With inventory almost doubling the main outcome here is that sales rate has declined significantly. The economics of selling on their platform continue to deteriorate IMO.

    Beyond that, the elephant in the room continues to be insiders. If they were a public company I expect they would be required to break down those sales figures into third party and insider sellers.

    How many of those 1017 sales are attributable to insiders?

  4. Janie says


    For a limited time, we are waiving the listing fees at BrandBucket. Yep, you read that correctly! All members of the Growth Program can now push names to publication at no additional charge.*

    Not part of the Growth Program yet? No problem! Email info@brandbucket.com and we will upgrade your account and give you 10 credits just for changing over.

    Remember this promotion won’t last forever, so head over to BrandBucket and start building up your BB portfolio today.

    *The $1 evaluation fee per submitted domain still applies.

    Happy Domaining!

    Michael Krell
    Managing Director @BrandBucket

    BrandBucket Inc.
    8391 Beverly Blvd. 449
    Los Angeles, CA 90048 USA

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