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Moderna buys a vaccine domain, Microsoft sells, and more end users

Moderna buys a domain and Microsoft sells one.

Screenshot of Xplore website
Xplore offers “Space as a Service”, helping companies get scientific research projects to space. It bought the domain Trajectory.com at Sedo.

Moderna, a healthcare company trying to create a Covid-19 vaccine, bought the domain ModernVaccines.com at Sedo this past week. It wasn’t the only company picking up domains.

The top two .com sales at Sedo this past week involved a trio of Seattle companies. Xplore, a private space company in the area, bought Trajectory.com. Microsoft sold OneCare.com to a health media company in Seattle.

Here’s a list of some of the end user sales at Sedo this past week. You can see previous lists like this here.

Trajectory.com $50,000 – Xplore, Inc., a private space travel company working to send science missions to space. It hopes to launch its first payloads this year or next. The domain had a previous life as a book discovery site.

OneCare.com $25,000 – OneCare Media, a health media company that runs Testing.com, Help.org and Sleep.org. It bought the domain name from Microsoft, showing that you can obtain Microsoft’s unused domains for a “reasonable” price. Of course, the buyers might have had a personal connection to people at Microsoft.

Fetchcare.com $15,000 – Treadstone Group, an intellectual property acquisition company, likely bought this for one of its clients.

LifeGoals.de €5,000 – This domain has a “Coming soon” page that suggests it will offer personal and business coaching.

BuildBid.com $4,500 – Jay Rutter Construction, a residential construction company servicing southern Louisiana, bought this domain.

ScentCard.com $4,460 – Taylor Technologies, a manufacturer of chemicals and test kits for monitoring water quality. They offer nearly 600 different test-kit configurations, including options for wet-chemistry and dry-chemistry methods, along with microprocessor-based instruments. Perhaps this will be the name for a water test for odors.

WhereBy.com$4,000 – Whereby is an online meeting service similar to Zoom. Its sales pitch is that no apps or installations are required and that the same meeting link can be used every time.

ModernVaccines.com $4,000 – Moderna Therapeutics, a biomed company that has been making headlines as a leader in developing a Covid-19 vaccine. The domain was registered for the first time in December of last year.

CopyBook.com $3,900 – RBS Global Media bought this domain. It’s forwarding it to airport-suppliers.com, a procurement portal for aviation companies.

CitrusClub.com $3,888 – This is the website for The Citrus Club, a members-only golf club at the La Quinta resort in La Quinta, California.

ForkliftRental.com $3,680 – Doggett Equipment Services bought this domain name. It is a North American machinery and construction equipment dealer representing and servicing manufacturers. It also offers construction equipment parts, new and used sales and rentals.

LabMixer.com $2,999 – This domain was bought by Smart2Test BV, a company out of the Netherlands that supplies testing equipment and machines for testing surfaces, materials, sheet metals and corrosion.

TTMotorsports.com $2,899 – TT Motorcycles bought this domain. It is a brand of motorcycles, ATVs and sport recreation vehicles and accessories.

JustWatch.org $2,400 – This domain was bought by the television streaming service JustWatch. The service aggregates all of your streaming services within one app. JustWatch.com is its current website.

Casinocruise .de €2,350 – Mediapool Communications Limited bought this domain for an online gambling website.

Vereinsbesteuerung.info $2,177 – This website provides information and referrals about taxes. It translates to “Association taxation” in German.

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    “Treadstone Group, an intellectual property acquisition company” – pretty funny as they stole the name from Bourne Identity book and films

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