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16 end user domain name sales including a $130,000 cryptocurrency buyer

A cryptocurrency exchange, packaging company and RealNetworks bought domain names.

What domain names are end users buying?

Take a look at the 16 domain names below, all of which were recently sold and are owned by end users. The first

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Sedo sales

HPX.com $130,000 – This was a huge upgrade for crytocurrency service Hypex, which uses the domain name Hypex.io

Tougher.com $12,230 – This is a clever brand for a women’s workwear maker–Tough Her. ToughHer.com with two ‘h’s is parked.

RMHD.com $10,000 – RealNetworks (NASDAQ: RNWK) bought this domain name for its RealMedia HD products.

ThreePoints.com $8,000 – Any guesses about why Grupo Planeta, a publishing company, bought this domain name?

OrionX.com $7,900 – OrionX is a cryptocurrency exchange.

SwissPack.com €5,500 – SwissPack is a packaging company in Canada.

DreamCraft.com $5,000 – DreamCraft is a game developer.

DotHub.com $4,950 – The terms and conditions for this site that is still under development refer to a company called Subtree Inc, but it’s not clear what the site will offer.

HMHOlding.com $3,500 – HM Holding Limited in Hong Kong uses the domain name HMholding.com.hk.

Secovia.com $3,000 – German firm secova GmbH & Co. KG uses the domain name Secova.de. This is either a translation or a typo.

EasyCarWash.com €2,250 – Car wash manufacturing company Washtec Holding GmbH.

Sellingadvantage.com $2,750 – Progressive Business Publications is the publisher of The Selling Advantage.

Cyoss.com €3,000 – IT company ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik GmbH has a division called Cyoss.

Glo.ca $2,750 – Imperial Tobacco Canada Limited has some sort of eCigarette with this name.

PerfectName sales

idb.us $2,850 – IDB Bank, which uses the domain IDBNY.com.

loris.com $4,973 – The company that uses Loris.ai.

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