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12 end user domain name sales including 6 ccTLDs

A food manufacturer, a travel site, and a wallpaper company bought domain names.

ccTLD domain purchases staked their claim among end users this week. Half of the end user sales at Sedo I uncovered were ccTLDs.

Picture of bundles of 500 euro notes with the words "End User Domain Sales" and the logo for Sedo

Here’s a list of some of the end user domain name sales from the past week. You can review previous end user sales lists here.

Encrypt.org €6,500 – This excellent domain now forwards to the site for Project Millipede, which promotes technologies that enable privacy.

DoubleDipper.com $6,995 – Hilton Whole Green Millers Ltd bought this domain. It is a food product manufacturer in Canada that is best known for its peanut butter substitute, WowButter. Will this be the name of a new product?

PaperPal.com €6,500 – Cactus Communications bought this domain. It bills itself as a science communications firm. Beyond that, it’s hard to understand what it does other than use buzzwords. I think it’s like a PR company for science. This domain might be for a client.

AutoKredite.de €4,999 – Forwards to AutoKredit.de – a website in German for those seeking financing, loans and other financial assistance for car purchases and more. This appears to be a defensive registration for this alternative spelling of their main website.

Point.me $4,800 – Point Me is a section of BoardingArea, a site for frequent flyers. The domain is forwarded to PointmetothePlane.boardingarea.com.

PVH.de €4,500 – This high-value 3-letter .de domain forwards to PrinzvHessen.com, a new umbrella brand for tourist and gastronomic sub-brands of the Hesse Culture Foundation.

LustHome.com €3,850 – Wallpaper Warehouse, an e-commerce site for wallpaper and related home decor products. This is probably a home decor brand.

FSLV.com $3,500 – This domain was bought by Brookfield Properties, a global real estate services company that manages and leases one of the largest retail portfolios in the United States. This domain could be for one of their new or existing shopping center properties.

PoolUeberDachung.com $3,125 – Forwards to DesJoyAux.de, a German pool and pool cover builder and manufacturer.

MeinSquare.de €2,500 – Forwards to EasySquare.com, an app for mobile devices designed to simplify all processes and business dealings related to real estate.

Super.com.mx €2,500 – Forwards to SuperCarniceria.com, an online grocery and fresh food delivery service in Mexico.

Pos-Service.de €2,000 – Forwards to PosService.de. This is the website for POS Service GmbH, a German POS and IT solutions provider.

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