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ParkingCrew enables SSL on domains that receive HTTPS requests

Domains that get lots of https traffic will get an SSL certificate.

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Domain name parking company ParkingCrew is now generating SSL certificates for domain names and serving traffic over https once the domains meet a certain threshold.

Parking companies are struggling to figure out how to cope with browser updates that mark sites as ‘not secure’ if they don’t have an SSL certificate. For example, Last year Undeveloped.com created a solution to issue SSL certificates for domain names.

ParkingCrew won’t issue a certificate for all domains. Instead, it will monitor for how much traffic the domain gets over https to determine which domains need them. If there’s a lot of https traffic hitting the domain, then an SSL certificate will be issued and traffic will be served over https for a period of time.

As an example, an expired domain name that used to have a website secured with SSL may receive inbound traffic from https:// links.

Customers must use ParkingCrew’s nameservers in order to use SSL.

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  1. David says

    This is a great move by PC and something all parking firms should do since https is so important to avoid the negative to user NOT SECURE message in browser window.

    However, for some odd reason ParkingCrew will not reveal what the threshold traffic requirement is is and the time involved before https ssl is activated.

    I have moved DNS to PC on a lot of names to get https and asked support several times to no avail. Not sure why is is so secretive. Anyone know?

  2. siva_minger says

    I agree if they want to advertise through our digital property they should also provide SSL so that it can be trusted.

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