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Former SNN.com owner goes to court to recover domain name

Original registrant files lawsuit after failing to recover domain name through UDRP.

The former owner of SNN.com, who says his domain name was stolen, has filed a lawsuit (pdf) in Virginia to try to recover the domain name.

The suit was filed by Delbert Terrill, who registered the domain name in 1995, along with domain name registrar Brandon Gray Internet Services, Inc dba NameJuice.com.

(If that registrar name looks familiar, it’s because it was suspended by ICANN for the “Domain Registry of America” domain slamming issue.)

The lawsuit alleges that someone used a fake passport & business license to steal the domain name and transfer it to a different registrar.

Terrill tried to recover the domain name through UDRP earlier this year. It failed after not providing evidence of common law rights in the term “SNN”.

Also, unusual in cases of alleged domain theft, the current registrant of the domain responded in the dispute. The registrant claimed it acquired the domain legitimately.

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  1. Meyer says

    Steven Lieberman’s law firm is representing the original domain owner.
    The law firm is very effective in the Northern VA / U.S. federal court.

    I wish Terrill success in this case.


      That SOB needs to be jailed. Namejuice.com, DROA.com will be DOA when I get through educating the public. They pulled their shenanigans too many times and almost costed my client their business. I’m tired of cleaning up after their unethical practices. If ICANN shut him down before how are they open for business now?

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