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What Internet Commerce Association is working on

Internet Commerce Association updates members on some of the policy work it is doing.

Last week the Internet Commerce Association (ICA) held a member call to provide an update on what the organization is doing to advocate for domain name investors.

Here are just some of the things ICA is working on:

  • UDRP and UDRP reform
  • Whois access accreditation and accessibility in the wake of GDPR
  • Verisign’s request to auction off O.com and how it might set precedent
  • U.S. NTIA activities as they relate to domain names, such as the Cooperative Agreement with Verisign

ICA is also representing domain name investors at policy conferences including all of the ICANN meetings.

In addition to policy activities, the group discussed its budget. It’s a lean operation with a very low annual budget. With more domain investor support, the organization could commit more resources to fight on behalf of domain name investors.

You can see membership options here. They include everything from a $50-a-month individual option to corporate levels. And if you’d prefer to pay for a larger sponsorship in cryptocurrency, I bet they’ll accommodate you.

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  1. nick says

    I wish 99.99% of their effort was on getting those guilty of reverse domain hijacking to pay the attorney fees of the respondents

    • John says

      Nick, the “industry” is brainwashed into believing they should not support that because it includes a “slippery slope” that leads to financial penalties also being imposed on losing respondents. Part of the “problem” is that this position is espoused by a very respectable and well liked lawyer guy. Andrew here has also said how much he doesn’t like “slippery slope” arguments, by the way. Anyway, I have pointed out that when the subject matter is “abuse of process,” only one side, the predator who actually abuses the process, can be regarded as guilty of wrongdoing. The respondent cannot be the one who abuses the process. Ergo, slippery slope does not really apply in this case, no matter how personally biased anyone actually running UDRP can be. Strictly speaking, while I think “slippery slope” often has a legitimate place, it is considered a fallacy. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slippery_slope)

  2. Zak Muscovitch says

    Many thanks for posting this, Andrew. As you pointed out, at the ICA we are involved on many different policy fronts. We have a great leadership team and are committed to making a difference for domain name investors. Members of the domain name investment community are always welcome to contact me, as ICA General Counsel, to discuss issues of concern.

    • John says

      LOL. Yes folks, this is the “lawyer guy” I alluded to above, not even knowing he’s part of the ICA (must’ve been under a rock when info on ICA was posted). Okay well I guess you can forget about them pursuing penalties for RDNH then. 🙂

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