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Frank Schilling talks domains – DNW Podcast #149

Frank Schilling talks about the state of the domain name industry.

dnw-podcastDomain investor and Uniregistry founder Frank Schilling comes back on the program to talk about what’s going on in the domain world: new top level domains, Donuts taking over Rightside, and your .com domain investments. How is one of the world’s most successful domain name investors looking at domains? Also: GDPR, DailyStormer.com backlash and Broadcast.com.

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  1. Acro says

    It’d be great to hear GoDaddy’s VP in the same podcast. Somehow, Frank’s statements were gracious toward GoDaddy, whose approach alleged protecting its customers from “confusion.”

  2. Ken Wilkins says


    Is Uniregistry a sponsor to your domaingang.com site? Because anytime somebody leaves a comment complaining of Uniregistry practices you delete it.

      • Issac says

        Why in the world do you bother reading the ShillGang’s site? You like reading a public relations spin site?

        • Nick says

          Haha, ShillGang, pretty accurate. As for this he podcast, I thought it was pretty good. No marketing or hype, just an update. Good job Andrew and Frank.

    • Acro says

      I only delete: threats (made against me or against third parties) and comments that accuse others of whatever, without signing them with a traceable name/email/URL, aka libelous trolling. Which category do you fit in?

      The fact that Uniregistry buys ad space on my blog has nothing to do with my ability to defend or condone a company’s activity based on unbiased criticism; I’ve done the same with GoDaddy and Uniregistry in reverse.

      On subject, do you have anything to say?

  3. Ken Wilkins says

    Arco, spin it how you want, but your all about pleasing your advertisers, and if construction criticism goes against you or your advertisers you delete. DomainShane does the same thing. Much respect for Andrew here at DNW who let’s us speak the truth.

    • Acro says

      Speak what truth? Apparently leaving out of context comments gives you a boner. That, and having no real, to the point arguments.

      I would not go as far as to suggest that GoDaddy pays you to leave disparaging commentary, of course. That would be libelous without any proof. That’d be doing exactly what you are doing here.

      On the other hand, it’s a free country. Criticize Frank, me and anyone else you dislike. You are safe behind a keyboard and a pseudonym/fake name.

  4. Ken Wilkins says

    Arco, you still don’t get it, you never will. If you want to be a credible blog, you need to be honest to your readers.

    • Acro says

      What *you* don’t get is that the kind of poop commentary you leave behind, is not hurting me but the very blog you’re leaving it on.

      No decent blog should be exposed to trolls, so you’re doing Andrew a disservice.

  5. Frank Carson says

    New extensions are bad. Too many cowboys, too little ethics, and a terrifyingly poor market penetration for link recognition as they are primarily sold to gold seekers in the domaining sector. To use one is to knowingly and willfully compartmentalize market access, grossly increase marketing and advertising costs, reduce communication effectiveness, enhance traffic loss, and create a legion of secondary issues regarding email, security, form use, hosting options, country propagation, and more. A good 99% of the population does not even intuitively or instinctively recognize most of the new TLDS within text and marketing as links, let alone operable web addresses. And I’m not even factoring 12 month sustainability issues and mass platform loss in an industry so poorly regulated and avoided by thought leaders, that major new GTLD groups can literally raise prices from $250 to $5000 overnight, to ensure lifestyle continuation as they live the life in places like the Grand Caymans.

    Way to go ICANN! In your efforts to “free up new domain names from past cyber squatters who restrict new innovation”, you succeeded in creating thousands of new confusing, non-adopted, non-marketed, non-regulated creations of chaos. And then you GAVE these to the same past cyber squatters allowing them to pick out milions of their favorite names pre market launch and sit on them as future premiums. The first thing most of them did was to falsely register a ton of unusable domain names at no internal cost, to give their public (largely buyers/sellers in the domaining sector) the illustration of market adoption.

    Their is no integrity in this false market being created so a handful of idiots can eat caviar seven days a week on licensing and auction fees.

  6. carledgar says

    Arco is a gas company, Kenneth – I thought it was a typo the first time round but you’ve stuck with it – ‘constructive’ while I’m on the subject. Don’t let spellcheck rule your life

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