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Why cryptocurrency domain names were a good bet

Domains seem cheap to early investors in cryptocurrencies.

Sedo’s top public domain name sale this week was CryptoNews.com at €43,000.

This is the latest in a string of cryptocurrency related domain names that have sold. The most storied sale was probably BTC.com for $1 million back in 2014.

Whenever a new technology comes out people rush to buy domain names related to it. Remember the 3D craze and all of the 3D domains people registered?

But crypto domains were an exceptionally good bet because cryptocurrencies have made their owners rich. Things like 3D technology take time to develop and potential buyers for the domains are usually trying to conserve cash, not spend it. But someone who invested in bitcoin, Ethereum and the like are in a different situation. Some of them are playing with “funny money”. A €43,000 domain purchase by someone who invested in bitcoin back at the end December 2011 is the equivalent of €30!

Although that’s really early, even more recent entrants have seen their holdings balloon in value. Someone who bought Ethereum at the beginning of this year has made almost a 30x return.

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  1. steve

    I took a chance on crypto domains. I have 30 pretty solid crypto domains.

    In 2007 I registered lots of cloud domains (over 40) and the ROI was quite high. No 6 figure sales, but lots of 5 figure sales. Of those 40 cloud domains, I’ve sold all but 6. I did give 2 away to friends.

    I hope to have the same success with the crypto domains. But not sure — as all the cloud domains were acquired by end users.

    We’ll see how the crypto, ethereum, bitcoin, coin names play out. The market will tell.

  2. Jonathan

    Noted an expensive domain today:
    Pro.com, a Seattle-based pricing engine for home projects, raised $10 million in funding

  3. AdBitising Domains

    Most of my portfolio is cryptocurrency-oriented.

    Lots of interest with the new Bcash (short version of Bitcoin Cash) fork this week.

    With almost 1000 alt coins in the market, the lure of reaping a substantial ROI fast over a long term is an investment opportunity too good to pass up.

    From Bitcoin to Ethereum ICOs to whatever the shiny coin of the day is, there is mad money to be made, both in currency and crypto domains.

    With this much competition, it’s all about Survival of the Bittest.

  4. Mark Thorpe

    Crypto .Com domains ARE a good bet. Crypto itself is a good bet too, if you buy the right ones like Litecoin and Bitcoin IMO.
    Crypto domains and crypto itself have legs, CHIPs never did, neither did new gTLD’s.

  5. John

    “Crypto Dust” domain names to exceed $1m USD in Sales, 2017, what I’m seeing is a run on the crypto name space. Here are some of the sales already achieved so far this year:

    – CryptoBank.com* $125K, SOLD 2017 (reg. 2008)
    – CryptoGold.com* $19K, SOLD 2017 (reg. 2011)
    – CryptoAffiliates.com* $11K, SOLD 2017 (reg. 2015)

    …and the trend seems set to continue for the remainder of the year, inline with the parabolic rise of crypto-currency values. I sold CryptoFin.com* earlier this year at HITNAMER :(·): and I’m currently fielding offers for CryptoDust.com, which I’m hoping will achieve a record price for a crypto domain.

    **sales prices verified at NameBio.com

  6. Jason

    It is a good idea to look into buying some of these but be careful because most sellers are asking a quarter million to a million for short bitcoin names.
    The only two sellers that arent over priced are – that dude on namepros.com but I missed his bundle deal. The other one i found on twitter and he was cool with negotiating price- I told him it was for a start up business and he knocked $3000 off the total.

    Ive been up for two days because loud neighbors and im on a different computer or else id put names. Ill come back with links tomorrow

    Namepro dude was something like Grand Namer? or something
    and the dude that knocked off and the guy I bought mine from is always on twitter. Something like Avant Domainer? maybe i’m mixiing names up. Both cool and low priced. i’ll post links tomorrow

  7. Vlad

    I have cryptoyuan.com , once China can make they own crypto Yuan (rumors for 2018), then I can sell it or make exchange service

  8. George

    What chance selling have:

    I am using plural, as it’s more appropriate and more logical.

  9. Sumeeth Jain

    I had these crypto domains for sale –



  10. George

    It would be expected that anyone who has purchased good amount of Bitcoins in early days for extremely low price, would also like to acquire strong Bitcoins domains to diversify their investment and secure Bitcoin domains ASAP. At least that’s what I would do.
    I believe, that almost any Bitcoin domain can be bought today for 1 to 3 Bitcoins. Really great opportunity for smart investor!
    Am I wrong?

    • Larry Fynn

      I dont think youre wrong. I will buy at least one domain from whoevr msgs me back first and has the best price.

  11. Larry Fynn

    Yesterday my investor buddy called me to brag abotu his most recent “investment”. Believe it or not he bought a domain name for $23000 from some domain wholeseller. I laughed…. he’s always into fringe things. He told me to check the domain name journal which I promptly did and- WOW. half a mil on a domain I thought those days were long gone.

    @Jason I googled the guy he paid that 23 grand to and sure enough you guys are talking about him on this page. It’s that avant bellwether group or guy mentioned above. I know this awas clear back in december of last year and yes I admit im late to the party but the large sums of money I have will make up for my tardy.

    @George Be expecting an email from me I like some of the domains you have available. Are you also a domain wholeseller like mr avant garde?

    If this experiment is a wild success or a flaming failure i’ll try my best to come back here and post my results

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