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Wow: BTC.com domain name sells for $1.0 million to Bitcoin company

Three letter domain name sells for seven figures.

Domain name brokerage firm Domain Guardians has brokered the sale of the BTC.com domain name to a bitcoin company.

GAWMiners, seller of bitcoin mining machines, is the buyer.

This is an example of how a three letter domain name can gain significant value based on new popular terms.

I’m a bit shocked by the price. It makes me wonder how much Bitcoins.com would have sold for in the recent Heritage Auctions domain name auction. The domain name was pulled at the last minute for legal reasons related to the Mt Gox bankruptcy.

The most recent public whois for BTC.com shows the owner as Brain Trust Company in Osaka, Japan.

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  1. Domainer Extraordinaire says

    I sold a 3 letter .com July 1st for $100K but it won’t show up on any sales list. 3 letter .coms are the gold standard.

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