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Tucows to drop some of Uniregistry’s domain names

Registrar will cease offering domains with biggest real price increases.

Tucows, the second largest domain name registrar, will cease offering nine of Uniregistry’s top level domain names this September after their annual fees skyrocket.

The company announced it will drop support for the domains with “exponential” price increases such as .juegos and .hosting.

It will continue to support Uniregistry domains with smaller price increases such as .Click and .Tattoo.

GoDaddy previously pulled support for all Uniregistry domain names after Uniregistry’s price announcement but has now added them back to its shelves.

After an initial uproar, Uniregistry decided to grandfather pricing on existing registrations. However, it has left implementation up to registrars. Given the low number of registrations in the affected top level domain names, it might not be worth it for registrars to bother with the cost of implementing a grandfathering program.

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  1. Joseph Peterson says

    Registrars will absorb most of the customer backlash from registry price increases. No good explaining to them what a registry is or why they’re allowed to play fast and loose with pricing.

    Understandable that TuCows would choose to safeguard its own reputation sooner than keep shelf space for a few problematic TLDs.

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