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Apple continues its shift from i-Brands

iTunes Podcasts are now Apple Podcasts.

Apple is continuing to shift away from using i-Brand to name its products, moving toward the Apple brand instead.

It started with the Apple Watch. Then, Apple Music. Now, Apple Podcasts.

I bit hard on e-domains back around the turn of the century. These went out of favor once Apple popularized domains starting with i. Could Apple’s move away from i have an impact on the value of i-domains?

It’s unlikely to impact demand by other companies, at least in the short term. But, should Apple change the branding of any of its iconic products, it could impact cybersquatters who register i-domains trying to anticipate the next version of them.

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  1. C. S. Watch

    ‘I bit hard on e-domains back around the turn of the century.’

    The turn of the century? Too pure, Sir. Sending us into our weekend feeling like blerdy Miss Havisham.

  2. John

    Even if they are retreating from “I” naming now, global phenomena about fundamental personal devices like the “iPhone” and “iPad” are so firmly rooted in people’s minds that it does not seem wise or or possible to do change that without negative consequences. “Apple Phone” or “Apple Pad” are just not desirable by comparison. So it would seem that unless they wish to be exceedingly unwise, the “i” phenomenon may be hear to stay and hence the enhanced value of “i” domains as a result.

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