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Chips, mistakes and opportunities with Shane Cultra – DNW Podcast #109

Can you still make money with short domain names?

dnw-podcastShane Cultra has had his share of successes and failures in the domain name business. On today’s show, Shane gives his assessment of how you can still make money with short domain names and his public mistake with .Ws. Also: Botched defensive domain name registrations, an app based on a new TLD that’s tearing up the app store chart, and more.

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  1. Ron says

    I feel he endorsing .ws to newbies alike was a very low moment in his career, some people will do anything for a quick buck, others won’t based on the consequences others will suffer.

    Hope some newbies are the wiser on who to trust going forward.

  2. Eric says

    Shane you were not open to any alternative views at all. You and your friends on ‘Team China’ thought knew better than all other. You were part of the problem.

    You were defensive and aggressive to anyone with a view that was different to your own. You blocked and did not publish comments that differ from your own opinion on your blog. On other blogs you shot down others who were skeptical on the China Boom and Bust on domains.

    You flipped flopped and continue to flip flop on the Chinese Domains. You were wrong and did not have the level of knowledge and insight that you thought.

    That .WS shambles was just your own hubris and ego. Shane you wanted and still want people to follow your lead.. You were banking on and continue to do so.

    You have made it clear you make money from your blog. So don’t make out you don’t want people to buy a name that is posted on your blog.

  3. Ken Hargrove says

    Shane blocks all comments from his blog that challenge him with facts. I have no respect for the guy. He has ZERO credibility in this business and glad people are starting to figure this out.

  4. Jamie Zoch says

    In regards to the defensive domain registrations, MarkMonitor likely had little, if anything to do with the registrations. All corporate brand protection services offer a customer portal and these registrations were likely done that way. Clearly they never thought of the EMD, but shows it’s important to hire experts.

      • Jamie Zoch says

        Yes, that pattern is from when a client asks for the help, aka hire the experts! Interestingly, just because a client of a brand protection service uses them, doesn’t mean they use “all” of its services.

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