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“That’s radio with five o’s…”

This company has a horrible name.

radioooooIt was painful to my ears.

NPR aired a story last Friday about music discovery service Radiooooo. When the correspondent mentioned the name, it went something like this

“It’s a service called Radio. That’s Radio with five o’s”.


Radiooooo.com sounds like a cool service. But every time someone says its name, they have to say “It’s Radio with five o’s”.

At that point, you’re better off with a three word .com, just about any new TLD…I don’t care. It’s just awful.

Last year the company bought the domain name Radiooo.com with just three o’s, but that doesn’t help it much.

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        • Andrew Allemann

          You have to be careful with Brits.

          (and no, I don’t send Kevin’s comments to moderation. Nor yours, John. WordPress’ spam filter does that and there’s no way to whitelist)

          • John

            At times I have wondered, Andrew, but at other times I have also been pleasantly and favorably impressed to see that you don’t censor or block me if I post a dissenting opinion. I even edited one recently to tone it down because i thought you might, lol. I can think of one of your more “acrid” blogging peers would never allow some of my posts to appear if they present an opposite opinion even politely, however, as I have certainly tried before. Always preferable when free speech that does not cross any lines is welcome and a person can handle occasional disagreements.

          • Andrew Allemann

            WordPress has a spam filter called Akismet that I use. Before I used it I would have sift through hundreds or thousands of spam comments a day.

            It’s a great filter, but unfortunately, I can’t white label commenters.

            I can add a couple other filters, so if someone uses profanity it will block the comment.

          • Kevin Murphy

            For the record, I was obviously joking about Andrew moderating me by default.

            Perhaps I should have used a smiley face.

            Here,see: 🙂

  1. John T. O'Farrell

    Radiowithfiveohs.com and Radiowithfiveos.com are available….and I think may be just as good as Radiooooo.com. However if the business is good they can overcome a poor domain name.

    • Joseph Peterson

      @John T. O’Farrell,

      True. And if you and I are Stephen Hawking, then we can overcome poor health.

      Yet we don’t choose motor neurone disease. We don’t choose a name like Radiooooo. Both are a life sentence of paralysis, and we’re better off not overcoming extra disabilities.

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