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What domain names Business Insider and 18 others bought last week

Here are companies that bought domain names last week.

Sifting through Sedo’s weekly sales list to find end user domain name sales is becoming a time-consuming task, but it’s good news for Sedo and the domain name aftermarket. The run on short domain names is filling Sedo’s coffers.

Last week the company handled an unusually high 807 domain name transactions for an unusually high $2.4 million in sales. Based on the total of public sales, that means the company also handled some high value private sales over the past week.

But the end user report isn’t about short domain names unless an end user bought them. That’s the case with IAC.pub and WSC.us.

Other companies buying domain names this past week include Business Insider, a medical marijuana company and a real estate website.

Here’s a look at end user domain name sales from the past week on Sedo:

(You can view previous lists like this here. If you’d like to learn how to sell your domain names like these on Sedo, download this report.)

Idealista.co.uk £1,435 – Real estate site Idealista.com

ThermoDynamics.co.uk £4,995 – the domain name was purchased by UK software company DATA Services LTD.

Radiooo.com €1,499 – I don’t know what to say about this one. The buyer operates a music discovery site at Radiooooo.com. Radiooo.com is still a bad domain.

Betreuung.com €3,000 – Betreuung is German for “care”. Betreuung GmbH offers nursing/elderly care services.

IAC.pub $1,500 – A Mark Monitor client, most likely IAC.

PharmaCann.com $7,500 – PharmaCannis is a medical marijuana company in Illinois. It uses the domain name PharmaCannis.com.

WSC.us $700 – Telecom company WhiteSky Communications has a good name, but it made for a long domain name.

BusinessInsider.org $3,000 – “You won’t believe Business Insider bought THIS domain name!”

BrandTango.com $900 – Florida branding firm Brand Tango dropped the hyphen from Brand-Tango.com.

PlanBConstruction.com $2,500 – Getting the .com domain name was Plan B for this Quebec construction firm, which has been using PlanBConstruction.net.

Engeman.com $1,098 – Maintenance software company Engeman forwards this domain name to its existing Engeman.com.br site.

BrandDevelopers.com $799 – New Zealand direct response TV company Brand Developers Ltd already uses the matching .co.nz domain name.

Igloo.co £$950 – UK design company Igloo shouldn’t be confused with domain name brokerage Igloo, which uses the .com. At first glance, though, the logos are somewhat similar.

BetterTutoring.com $750 – Student Media ApS in Denmark already owns BetterStudents.com.

TheLawPortal.com $1,888 – The Merna Law Group, P.C. in Virginia Beach.

Happyhaps.com $2,744 – Happyhaps is a digital marketing and media company in the UK.

TrafficClub.com $899 – Oh, this brings back memories. Key Drive bought it…more on this later.

Programming.guru $1,150 and Database.guru $900 – I’m pretty sure the guy who lives in Vanuatu and bought these domain names is a programmer.

AirConServicing.com $875 – Singapore air conditioning service AirCon.

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  1. Acro

    The Igloo.co and .com logos are completely different: the .com uses the “at” symbol to form an igloo, while the .co uses an abstracted, pixelated structure for its igloo symbol. Both look great.

    • We stand with Paris!

      Why do u think programming.guru and database.guru are dumb domains? I think they’re fantastic domains!

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