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Apple to launch dating service, Forex trading

Apple car domains mean nothing. Just like its registration of .dating and .forex domain names.

Hey mainstream tech press: STFU about these Apple Car domain names, will you?

Last week everyone from MacRumors to Business Insider was having an Apple fanboy freakout over Apple registering Apple.car, Apple.cars and Apple.auto.

“This means the Apple Car is coming!” they yelled.

You know what? The Apple Car might be coming. But these domain names don’t mean anything at all.

Apple registers or blocks its Apple name in just about every new top level domain name.

I didn’t see much hoopla when Apple registered Apple.dating.

Why didn’t people write about Apple getting into the currency trading business when it registered Apple.Forex?

And last I checked, Apple registering Apple.cricket didn’t foreshadow the purchase of a cricket team.

Apple is probably working on a car or car technology. But even if it wasn’t working on a car, it would have still registered these domain names.

Just like how Apple’s registration of Apple.dating does not foreshadow and online dating service, and Apple isn’t getting into the Forex business.

Oh, and Google’s recent registration of Google.bet does not mean it’s starting an online casino.

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  1. Xavier says

    Thank you a million times for this post! A guy that owns some .company think his domains worth million of dollars mostly because apple register Apple.company!

    Omg this is ridiculous!

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