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SnapNames is promoting an auction at NameJet for LTD.com

Co-branded auction is likely the first of many.

NameJet is currently hosting an auction for LTD.com.

This is obviously a good domain name. Not only is it three characters, but it’s also a common company ending for “Limited”. With a reserve under $50,000, it’s a no-brainer.

But the real news here is that the auction is co-branded with SnapNames and NameJet, and SnapNames is helping to promote the auction even though it is taking place at NameJet.

Why would one of the biggest expired domain marketplaces promote an auction at a competitor? Well, SnapNames and NameJet are only competitors to an extent.

NameJet is a 50/50 partnership between Rightside and Web.com. Web.com acquired SnapNames for $7.4 million last year, meaning it now has a vested interested in both of the top expired domain marketplaces.

I’m sure this creates an interesting dynamic, and Rightside must have a number of protections in place given this conflict.

In this case, Rightside will surely be happy that SnapNames is helping to promote an auction at NameJet, and it benefits Web.con as well.

I expect cross-promotion to continue in the future.

Image: Banner for LTD.com auction on SnapNames.com, linking to NameJet.

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