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Filament.com for $89,000 and 18 other end user domain name sales

Company buys Filament.com for new product line.

Sedo’s top public end user sale for the past week was Filament.com, which was purchased by a company changing its name and introducing a new product line called Filament Network.

The company had some other notable end user sales, including an IOT domain name purchased by a company that’s not an Internet of Things company. They paid a premium because IOT is now a popular acronym.

One sale that didn’t make the list, because I can’t confirm it’s an end user purchase: ButtBras.com for $899. Did you know this is a thing? OK, let’s get to the list:

(You can view previous lists like this here. If you’d like to learn how to sell your domain names like these on Sedo, download this report.)

Filament.com $89,000 – Reno, Nevada company SWFL, Inc (formerly Pinoccio) recently launched a new product line called Filament Network, which provides industrial-strength microcontrollers for commercial customers.

IOTgroup.com $10,000 – Internet of Things domains are hot, but the buyer here isn’t an IOT company. The buyer is Independent Oil Tools, so it was buying an acronym domain name.

IWP.ch €990 – IWP GmhH in Switzerland.

PartsTrader.co.uk EUR 1,978 – PartsTrader Markets Limited, a company that offers an online marketplace for sourcing car parts for collision repairs.

Sunwing.com.uk $1,000 – Sunwing Travel Group in Canada.

BGS.co £1,500 – Beacon Global Strategies LLC, a Washington DC advisory firm on security and defense.

RealtyHive.com $2,650 – real estate auction company Micoley.com.

Nextee.com $800 – Marketing firm Next Bee bought this “typo” of its Nextbee.com domain name.

ViXPaulaHermany.com $799 – Swimwear company ViX Paula Hermanny. Buying the domain name was cheaper than a UDRP.

WANology.com $799 – New Jersey company WANology LLC. It owns the matching .net, but it’s not resolving.

CloudMaestro.com $1,850 – Lagrange Systems, a technology company with a product call Cloud Maestro.

Freelancer.me €1,999 – Saudia Arabia comapny E-Innovations. I assume they’re creating a freelancer marketpalce.

TimeAndDay.com $1,099 – The owner of TimeAndDate.com, which has a number of date and calculator apps. Remember when there used to be a service you could call that would give you the current time and date? It was like single serve websites before the web.

CCC.net $17,888 – Construction company Consolidated Contractors Company, which owns similar domains such as CCC.gr and CCC.me.

Tauring.com $3,695 – Tauring Group, manufacturer of tube and pipe products. It uses the web address TauringGroup.com.

CableGuys.com $7,900 – Cablebuys, creators of software for audio effects, went global. The German company has been using CableGuys.de for its web presence.

IsoLynx.com £1,495- What a cool company. Lynx System offers sporting photo finish services, sports cameras, etc. A number of its product names are somethingLynx. In fact, its main website is FinishLynx.com.

ThomsonCollection.com $2,195 – Wineland Thomson Adventures, Inc., a safari vacations provider.

LearnMed.com €899 – LearnMed, and Australian company that provides education tools for pediatric trainees, went global. Its main site is LearnMed.com.au.

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