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25 End User Domain Name Sales

End user domain names sales continued during the holidays.

Sedo didn’t report domain name sales over the holidays, so this week’s end user sales report includes sales from the past three weeks. Over this period, Sedo handled 1,067 transactions for a total of $2.6 million worth of domain names.

Let’s just right into the list of recent end user sales at the Sedo marketplace:

(You can view previous lists like this here. If you’d like to learn how to sell your domain names like these on Sedo, download this report.)

FindYourCalling.com $30,000 – EMSI, a CareerBuilder company, which offers career coaching.

Mamahuhu.com $14,500 – Mamahuhu USA LLC. I can’t find much info about them online. Most results are for Mamahuhu Colombia.

AstroSolar.com $10,000 – Baader Planetarium GmbH in Bayern.

CoopPower.co.uk 1,500 GBP – The Co-operative Group, a British consumer coop that uses a .coop domain name (co-operative.coop).

GraceBible.church $1,999 – As the name suggests, Grace Bible Church in Virginia Beach.

HeyMusic.com $4,500 – Pandre Special Music, which offers artist management, music publishing and agency booking.

FirstBankTX.com $1,495 – First Bank Texas

reThinkData.com $1,100 – reThinkData LLC, a technology company that owns the matching .net domain name.

ArtReport.com $1,700 – Wirelos, a “Global Arts and Communications Firm”

4CZ.com 750 EUR – 4Catalyzer, a healthcare company incubator.

Redf.in $1,000 – Real estate company Redfin bought this domain name hack.

FreeRetirementPlan.com $715 – The Mutual Fund Store, an investment and retirement company.

NoComment.com $9,999 – Ikeddi, a clothing company with a trademark on “No Comment” for clothing.

BuyTheCase.com $2,250 – Haskel Trading, a wholesaler.

ReplyGroup.com $2,744 – Replay SpA, a conglomerate with a $550M market cap.

NitroCoffee.com $2,500 – AC Beverage Inc, a Maryland company that sells beer and coffee dispensing systems.

TheFoundation.org $5,000 – Forward Internet Group, an investment firm. The domain name forwards to forwardfoundation.org.uk.

BeMerkenswert.com 999 EUR – b.merkenswert GmbH, a product development company. They use the domain name Merkenswert.com, and then add the subdomain b in front of it to make it b.merkenswert.com.

WhyAtlanta.com $700 – Atlanta Committee for Progress, a coalition of groups in Atlanta.

SnowflakeDB.info $4,000 – Snowflake Computing, an IT firm that owns SnowflakeComputing.com. This is an oddly high price for this domain name, and apparently it has purchased the same domain in other extensions.

m101.com $8,500 – Blank Slate, a content/search marketing company. Perhaps m stands for mobile.

ProjectListen.com $2,994 – Ken Garff, a Salt Lake City auto dealer. Their slogan is “We Hear You“.

Smoothie-Mix.com 800 EUR – Knouse Foods, a cooperative.

Fadel.com $5,000 – Fadel partners, an intellectual property management firm. It’s shorter than the company’s current web address FadelPartners.com

i2tech.com $7,000 – Innovative Intuitive Technology, Inc, a California company that uses the longer domain name i2techinc.com.

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  1. Greg says

    Mamahuhu in Chinese literally translates to horse horse Tiger Tiger. Its slang meaning means so-so. Now you know.

  2. KC says

    In the Song Dynasty, there was a painter who liked to paint anything he felt like painting. Most people could not understand his paintings. One day, when he had just finished a painting of a tiger’ head, his friend came to ask him for a painting of a horse. So, he painted a horse’s body behind the tiger’s head. His friend asked him if the painting was of a tiger or a horse. He answered “马马虎虎 (mǎmǎhuhu) horse and tiger”. His friend rejected his painting, so he put it up in his living room.

    His eldest son asked him “what was in the painting?” He answered, “a tiger.” However, when his younger son asked him he answered, “a horse.” Shortly after this, his eldest son while hunting shot someone’s horse because he thought it was a tiger. The painter had to pay the owner of the horse a lot of money. His second son went out and saw a tiger and he wanted to ride it because he thought it was a horse. But, when the boy tried to ride the tiger it killed him.

    The painter was very sad, so he burned the painting. These days the idiom is used to describe someone who is careless or situations and things that are not special or just common. (Sorry, forget where the source is.)

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