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Some SnapNames-caught domains to be managed at NetworkSolutions

Domains caught by SnapName’s own registrars will be managed through Network Solutions.

SnapNamesHere’s the first notable change as a result of Web.com acquiring expired domain marketplace SnapNames.

SnapNames announced today that domain names acquired through a SnapNames credential (i.e. registrar) will now be managed via Web.com registrar Network Solutions. Previously these names were managed by Moniker.

I can already hear the collective groan from domainers not wanting domains at Network Solutions given the labor of transferring domains out.

The good news is that domainers will get discounted pricing on domains kept at Network Solutions that were acquired through SnapNames. .Com domains will renew at $9.59 per year. Although a bit pricier than some rivals, at least you won’t feel forced to transfer the domain out after one year to avoid a hefty renewal fee.

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  1. Chris Pecic says

    Below is a list of every unethical/shady/illegal thing Network Solutions engages in.

    1.Selling web forwarding with premium dns in a monthly bundle cost when premium dns includes 301 and 302 redirects.

    2.Customers once again can’t disable auto renew within their own accounts.

    3.We charge credit cards that have been expired for YEARS with unwanted auto renew.

  2. Chris Pecic says

    Below is a list of every unethical/shady/illegal thing Network Solutions engages in.

    4.We send a mass email to update their mailbox passwords that actually enrolls them into a monthly charge that’s free for one month so they don’t notice.

    5.We charge 299 for a domain redemption the registry charges 70.

    6.We back order our customers own domains and resell them back to them for 125 or we callously sell them on the open domain market for thousands.

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