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16 more new top level domain names available next week

16 domain names enter landrush or general availability next week.

16 more new top level domain names will hit the market next week in one form or another.

Monday, March 17

.CEO kicks off its landrush on Monday. It will last for one week.

.Menu opens general availability.

Tuesday, March 18

The .berlin domain name is available starting Tuesday. Another geo TLD, .kiwi, enters its “Early Bird” phase. This is just a more marketing friendly name for “Landrush”.

Wednesday, March 19

.Uno hits the market March 19.

Donuts will also release six of its domain names with regular (non-Early Access Program) pricing: .academy, .center, .company, .computer, .management and .systems.

Five of Donuts’ domain names will enter the Early Access Program phase on Wednesday: .email, .solutions, .support, .training and .builders. Note the last one is .builders, not .build. A rival applicant is launching .build at the end of March.

[Editor’s note: this article has been corrected to show that five of Donuts’ domain names enter EAP on Wednesday, not Monday. .Menu was also added to the story.]

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  1. Ryan says

    I wonder if .co is a better play than .company, sounds so generic…I don’t see any other putting up numbers over 5,000 registrations. More on the defensive side with Company.

  2. domino says

    The Geo domains will be a lot more specific, hence likely to attract greatest demand from businesses as well as for personal affiliation use.

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