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Amazon.com registers .domains domain names for each of its proposed TLDs

Amazon.com grabs .domains domains corresponding to its new top level domain applications.

Amazon.com domain namesAmazon.com has registered corresponding .domains domain names for each of the 65 Latin script top level domain names it has applied for.

All of the registrations follow the format dotTLD.domains, e.g. dotAmazon.domains, dotCloud.domains, and dotDeal.domains.

This is an interesting move that adds to the complicated question of what Amazon.com plans to do with its domain names. It wants to run all of its domain names in a closed model, meaning the domains are only used by Amazon.com. So what is the purpose of owning domains that would be used for marketing domain names to the public?

Perhaps this is just a case of Amazon.com’s brand protection efforts getting out of hand. But I’m also inclined to weigh it in my analysis of what the heck Amazon.com is planning to do with its domain names.

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  1. Notcom Tom says

    I thought that the NGPC accepted GAC advice related to closed registries. As of right now, Amazon cannot run closed registries. Looks like they want to get into the domain registration business to me, and find a way to tie it to their own services, maybe.

  2. Joseph Peterson says

    Looks like a knee-jerk defensive bulk registration. The easiest thing for a large company to do is spend to cover all its bases. And plenty of large companies who have never applied to run TLDs do likewise to protect their various brand keywords. Overkill is the norm.

  3. PalmBeach says

    Amazon sell everything else. Now they can sell you a Custom.Domain name that includes a website with the amazon boutique of your choice ready to plug in Plus guaranteed next day drone delivery..Bezos Brilliance 🙂

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