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Sayonara, Digital Archery

We hardly knew ye.

Resolved (2012.06.27.NG06), the New gTLD Program Committee directs the President and CEO to terminate the Digital Archery process as approved in Resolutions 2011.12.08.04-2011.12.08.07.

Rationale for Resolution 2012.06.27.NG06

To remain accountable to the ICANN community, after careful consideration of the objections raised to the digital archery process, and following the suspension of the process after identification of a technical issue, the New gTLD Program Committee’s decision provides finality to the community on the status of the digital archery process. This decision will not have any impact on the security, stability or resiliency of the DNS as a result of this decision.

Another big black eye for ICANN. Not because it killed digital archery, but because it let it fester for so long.

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  1. James says

    Holy Toledo’s Batman! (TOp LEvel DOmainS) Andrew, what will now happen to the new digital archery companies? Is there any service they could still provide to applicants in the absense of Digital Archery?
    And perhaps the owner of DigitalArchery.com should have taken the one offer that was submitted to Sedo. I’m afraid he’s “off the mark” now.

    • Andrew Allemann says

      @ James – i was thinking the same thing about DigitalArchery.com. But maybe it will turn into an industry for something else. If people can prove it’s a “game of skill”, I see a legal gambling opportunity in the future…

  2. DA Bakers says

    This is actually the best possible scenario for the “digital archery” movement. This is ironically a newly coined term (at least in terms of its applications)and the Digital Archery companies can now look to an unlimited number of expanded opportunities. Look at the areas of skilled lottery, apps, games, games of luck/skill and even many areas of business use (similar to what ICANN was trying to do). Digital went from just a handful of results in google to over 60,000 and counting. You are soon going to see results in the multiple millions and climbing. (think skilled lottery). Many applications for consumer use.

  3. Alan says

    Well if they had to give up on it why did they introduce it in the first place? A double own goal, shot themselves in both feet. Were those poison arrows?

    Actually a lot of digital archery products are already on sale for real world physical archery, they just weren’t identified as digital archery before.

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