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Did a digital archery company put the final nail in the coffin of doomed scheme?

Company claims it reported issue to ICANN earlier this week.

So ICANN has “suspended” digital archery, a way to divide up new top level domain applicants into batches.

This was the right move, albeit a couple weeks late. Now 20% of applications have shot an arrow, and many more applicants have invested significant resources into the process.

True to form, ICANN pushed forward with its plan despite multiple warning signs that it should take another look at it.

Now, finally, it is taking a step back. And it could be a complete step back. The death of digital archery.

Which is where the irony comes in: one of the digital archery service providers hoping to make a buck off the process may have had a hand in getting the program shut down, err, suspended.

I received a press release from Digital Archery Experts today claiming that it had reported a serious issue to ICANN earlier this week.

Although the company said fixing the issue it had discovered would be “trivial”, it may be that this business opportunity is lost.

The head of ICANN’s new TLD program left this week. Perhaps it’s time for someone high up on the tech team to start looking for a new job?

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  1. Mr. Bakerton says

    Ironically, in the unintended consequences category) -ICANN has probably created a whole new industry relating to “digital archery.” Even if they can this program related to the GTLDS- you are likely to see a wave of “digital archery” apps, games, programs, services, lotteries, gaming etc. All related an an unlimited number of new applications for various digital archery applications. Many business applications are likely to ensue. Aside from the ICANN program, It will be interesting to watch this Digital Archery movement develop.

  2. jesse Cakes says

    Congressional hearings brewing behind doors.
    In the table:

    1)ICANN un-governance

    2)New gTLDs total disaster mis-management and potential nightmare for TM holders (google or not)


  3. Alan says

    Well funnily enough digital archery already existed – digital sights, targets, scoring, games… but the idea of a moving target, valuable prizes, and changing rules does sound good for a game or app…

  4. Mr. Bakerton says

    This could be a BLOCKBUSTER Industry. Not just apps, games, lottery etc. As I mentioned before- “skilled lottery” the better the skill the more the prize. See what Im getting at. ICANN may have unknowingly created a whole new BILLION DOLLAR industry. Think im exaggerating-What are the numbers for the legal lottery industry.

  5. CB says

    ICANN is broken. A bunch of new gTLDs that the internet doesn’t need. No business case done to support the concept (other than Beckstrom’s retirement fund). Consistent screw-ups with security and privacy. Now they’ve proven that they haven’t even thought through the relatively simple batching process, so why should anyone believe they put any thought into the need for new gTLDs in the first place.

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