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Google AdSense to Start Displaying Gambling Ads

AdSense to show gambling ads, but with a number of caveats.

Google Adsense will start showing gambling ads on its publishers web sites starting September 27, but many people will never see them.

The ads will only show up for people visiting the site from a country where online gambling is legal. In other words, don’t expect to see them any time soon in the United States.

Also, ads won’t show up on a site unless the AdSense publisher has opted in to showing gambling ads. Only sites targeted to people 18 and up can opt-in.

Ironically, sites that allow gambling are not allowed to show AdSense ads.

But this change should be a boon to publishers that offer reviews and links to online gambling destinations. Perhaps for domain parking too?

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  1. Poor Uncle says

    I just read the email from google regarding this news. And, I am not exactly sure what is really allow. Domain flips and gambling pretty much in the same ballpark. I’d like pickup some pennies from this new changes on my pooruncle blog. What can I do to make some dough? 🙂

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