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Go Daddy to Unveil First GoDaddy.CO Girl

Go Daddy says it will unveil GoDaddy.co girl in conjunction with Super Bowl commercial.

.Co already scored a major coup by partnering with Go Daddy on its 2011 Super Bowl commercial. But the publicity train rolls on.

The latest announcement from Go Daddy: it will showcase its first every GoDaddy.co girl in the commercial.

Well, maybe. The company hasn’t decided it if will formally unveil the .co girl during the broadcast commerical or make viewers go to the the online extended version of the commercial to find out who it is. (Go Daddy typically has a “see more at GoDaddy.com” message at the conclusion of its commercials as a busty women starts to take off her clothes.)

In the press release, .Co Internet S.A.S. CEO Juan Diego Calle says “Cool domain names, long gone in the dotCOM sphere, are available now with dotCO…We think the new Go Daddy dotCO Girl will bring dotCO to the mainstream — it’s a memorable, meaningful domain name extension destined to open up millions of new, creative branding opportunities on the Internet.”

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  1. Mario Felipe Goncalves De La Montana says

    Colombian women are hot, it’s just that most Americans don’t know it since they have little exposure to them. 🙂

  2. jp says

    Well this one almost got me. I started to fall for the .co thing. When i read this article I immediately started looking for these cool and available .co names (as the registry puts it). Myabe I just have expensive tastes but of the 30 or so I tried (all I had time for from the porcelain throne) ALL of them were registered to .co Internet RESTRICTED AND RESERVED. they weren’t even taken by domainers, they are just simply unavailable, well, for now. So much for the cool ones being available, none of the cool ones I thought of have ever been available apparently.

    Decided I’ll sped my time more wisely next time on the can (as I’m wriing this instead now)

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