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Epik Enhances Geo Domain Web Sites

Epik releases new directory pages on city domain names.

When I met with Epik founder Rob Monster last week, he said the pace of development on Epik would be fast and furious. He wasn’t kidding. Within just a couple days, Epik has already launched an enhancement to location domain names on its network: directory pages.

Location domains originally only had the same type of content as other pages: a home page, related articles, pictures, and video. But now each one is populated with business listings for categories such as hotels, dining, florists, and recreation. This is sure to juice the search engines a bit as well as make the sites more useful to visitors.

If you have city domain names in any top level domain, consider submitting them to Epik. For an example, see Brookhaven.us. If you have long tail location names, such as VancouverDermatologist.com, I recommend submitting them to DevHub for now. DevHub does a great job getting this type of domain indexed.

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  1. M. Menius says

    Both of these options look interesting. The monetization panels/widgets is the kind of diverse angle than is a step beyond PPC landing pages.

    The epik looks a bit drab but could be jazzed up with just a little design effort. Having gone as far as they have, it would be a shame not to provide a slick looking layout, graphics, and colors. DevHub appear to be a few steps ahead with this trick.

    One thing I have noticed is I have a real aversion to blocks of small text like you find with Google adsense. I see adssnse and I almost immediately am turned off to the site. It looks like very low quality filler. The kiss of death is a site that has multiple adsense panels. One is the max and should be design matched to the site very carefully. Just my opinion.

  2. Geo Domain Development says


    Good for you for doing testing on these platforms and sharing with us.

    I don’t think you’re going to get much mileage from brookhaven.us but let’s check back in 90 days and see if I am right.

    Hey I see this at the bottom of your site:

    Part of the Epik.com direct navigation network, and proud member of the Traveler Network.

    Any idea if Rob and the Castello Bros. partnered in this EPIK venture?

    – Richard

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