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Auction Results: Games.mobi Headlines Lackluster .Mobi Auction

Games.mobi sold for $44,000 in .mobi domain name auction.

If you believe in .mobi, the top level domain for mobile devices, then today was a great buying opportunity for you. The Sedo .mobi auction concluded with many domains selling at discounts of 50%-90% of what they would have sold for just 6 months ago.

Back in September I said this auction would be a “defining moment” for .mobi. It has been defined, as the economy and perhaps an oversupply of “quality” domains on the market has helped shoot an arrow right through this speculative bubble.

Games.mobi, which sold for over $400,000 in a nullified auction last year, sold for $44,000.

Below are tentative results from the auction. It was very difficult to track this Sedo auction given that so many domains ended at once and many were extended multiple times due to last minute bids. In other words, these results are approximate and I can guarantee they aren’t 100% accurate. This is especially the case for domains that didn’t meet their reserves.

games.mobi 44,000
bank.mobi 11,500
vip.mobi 10,099
xxx.mobi 10,099 reserve not met
internet.mobi 9,901
blackjack.mobi 9,700
software.mobi 9,500 reserve not met
sexe.mobi 9,253
quotes.mobi 5,333
media.mobi 5,099
funds.mobi 4,900
dvd.mobi 4,875 reserve not met
lawyers.mobi 4,800 reserve not met
shoes.mobi 4,600
meteo.mobi 4,200
computer.mobi 4,000 reserve not met
auto.mobi 3,900
see.mobi 3,900
how.mobi 3,050
law.mobi 2,850
cruise.mobi 2,680
store.mobi 2,650
sell.mobi 2,300
discount.mobi 2,050
math.mobi 1,750
silver.mobi 1,723 reserve not met
lawyer.mobi 1,650
mobilephones.mobi 1,600 reserve not met
she.mobi 1,600
homeloans.mobi 1,557
online.mobi 1,550
cellphones.mobi 1,549
school.mobi 1,502 reserve not met
any.mobi 1,500 reserve not met
anwalt.mobi 1,352
chocolate.mobi 1,350
divorce.mobi 1,320
doctors.mobi 1,318
accountants.mobi 1,300 reserve not met
baptism.mobi 1,300 reserve not met
house.mobi 1,300
industry.mobi 1,300
man.mobi 1,300 reserve not met
model.mobi 1,300 reserve not met
movieclips.mobi 1,300 reserve not met
spam.mobi 1,300 reserve not met
psychology.mobi 1,290 reserve not met
carpenters.mobi 1,270 reserve not met
downloadmovie… 1,259 reserve not met
downloadmusic… 1,259 reserve not met
quiz.mobi 1,257
boys.mobi 1,253
consulting.mobi 1,250 reserve not met
expert.mobi 1,250
grants.mobi 1,250 reserve not met
international… 1,250 reserve not met
medical.mobi 1,250 reserve not met
sexstories.mobi 1,250
account.mobi 1,200
babyshower.mobi 1,200 reserve not met
bus.mobi 1,200 reserve not met
anime.mobi 1,150
interviews.mobi 1,100 reserve not met
science.mobi 1,100
rate.mobi 1,060
room.mobi 1,051 reserve not met
publicidad.mobi 1,050
stadt.mobi 1,050
stars.mobi 1,050
recht.mobi 1,010
sad.mobi 1,001 reserve not met
schule.mobi 1,001 reserve not met
screw.mobi 1,001 reserve not met
steel.mobi 1,001 reserve not met
kamera.mobi 1,000 reserve not met
research.mobi 1,000 reserve not met
special.mobi 1,000 reserve not met
suche.mobi 1,000 reserve not met

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  1. Rob Sequin

    Great summary but I’m not sure I’d call that “lackluster”. Prices may be lower but is that due to the economy or .mobi?

    Looks like decent activity to me.

  2. Andrew

    well I figure the total sales are less than half what games.mobi sold for last December. I credit both the economy and waning interest in .mobi speculation. It didn’t help that so many domains were released at one time.

  3. John

    I’d call it the last gasp breath of life for mobi sales. Might as well try to drag out a few more sucker dollars before the well dries up.

  4. Ricardo

    I agree with Rob from his first post.
    We are in unprecedented times.

    We shouldn’t make a valuation predictions based on transactions right now.

    Many U.S. stocks are selling at prices they haven’t been at for many years.

    The smart money are looking for opportunity buys. Looking at some of the final prices from the mobi auction, I believe there were some excellent purchases of keywords.
    (Quotes, Bank, Store, Cruise, Law, Auto …)

  5. Andrew

    Ricardo – that’s why I said it was bargain hunting today. Doesn’t mean some of these won’t pay off in the long run given how depressed the prices were.

  6. Mike

    too funny…one of the posts above. anything is a candidate for development really and the .mobi extension is something you need to stay away from — lol the .mobi extension sucks and this sell offs by domainers dumping their holdings tells the whole story… in 1 month this names will get re-sold again, and few months later again. don’t get all too caught up in this bs.

  7. tony

    Yes the stock market is down and many stocks are down 80% from high. This is for bargain hunters. Just like anything else.

    Look at the .com how cheap they are going for. PPC has driven prices to all time lows. Everything is down so I think .mobi is very a alive esp in foreign countries.

  8. Kevin Ohashi

    Agree with Mike completely. Anything with the words ‘development potential’ is a load of BS selling point. Anything and everything has development potential. It’s development adding value not the domain name.

  9. Jman

    I don’t get why people *want* to see .mobi fail. For those who haven’t invested anything into it, whats it to you?

    Regardless, even LLL.com’s are nearly half the price they were this time last year so its no surprise that a “speculative” tld isn’t going to perform that well in todays market.

    .Mobi’s fate won’t really be known until the mobile web is full blown. Will .mobi be the default extention for the mobile web? Very doubtful. Will it be used by many mobile sites that are exclusively mobile? I think most defintitely.

  10. Adam

    I can’t believe this crap is STILL selling for these prices. . . . Your money would be better spent picking up some great .com.au ccTLDs at the next TRAFFIC in Australia. At least with those domains people actually will come to your site and it’s not limited to mobile.

  11. folley

    I make more money now on my PPC .mobis then my .com’s. The domain business would not have gone down if it had not been for people like Rick Schwartz telling domainers a couple of months ago to sell out now doom and gloom is coming. Then he changed his attitude right before Traffic New York. How convenient!! Remember stock investments are different then
    domain investments. One should have never been associated with the other.

  12. mobifan

    Yes, I have one of the newest PHONES out there. Is anyone out there experimenting what I am???????????? The mobile web for MOST .com sites is NOT very user friendly. I have 20/15 vision and half the time cannot see the text, even if I make it the largest it can be!! .mobi is the only way for people NOT to get frustrated with surfing the internet on a mobile device. If we do not all ban together and back .mobi, and get a .mobi site, then we will all have no choice but to carry a laptop along with our mobile phone.
    Yes, some website forward to http://www.g_____.com/mobile but how do we know which ones??

  13. ppl

    i think world is going specialization and localization.We devide everything that we can.

    So a mobile digital life goes on mobile so .mobi will be more localizated and simple.
    make life simple.we like simple things.
    the exact what we need.

  14. Domisfera

    Domisfera has published the full list. The prices achieved by the 124 .mobi domains sold was 206,379$.

    The market is a very good speaker. By the way, those who believe in .mobi domains can now buy them at lower prices.

  15. myphotographer

    It seems some people are very confident this is going to fail? Maybe they are correct, but it could also be true that they are lacking a little foresight?

    Why would some of the biggest mobile companies and Microsoft and Google back something if they didn’t see a need for it in the future?

    I think that the current economic crisis has slowed down the movement foreward but it is still moving, forward.

    All the biggest names are getting their .mobi domains up and running, fox, espn, cnn, etc. etc.

    and another thing is that while the dumbass slackers out there are slagging this TLD have they ever stopped to see the marketing potential of owning various domain names that would not be possible to buy on a .com as they would all be unavailable?

    Of course not, all they can say is sucker sucker sucker, well, everything in life is a gamble and $300 is hardly something that I am going to miss if it don’t work, but if it does, well, who’s the sucker then, sucker sucker sucker

    only registered my +- twenty domains a week or two ago but with iconic landmark names like tablemountain.mobi and robbenisland.mobi available I just couldn’t help myself


    great site, will be back

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