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“We Get It” Award: Tiff’s Treats and CookieDelivery.com

Cookie company uses generic domain name to rev up sales.

When I was in college at The University of Texas a decade ago, a little cookie shop opened up called Tiff’s Treats. They baked fresh cookies and would deliver them to your dorm room. I thought it was a great idea with little revenue potential.

I was wrong about the revenue potential. The company has exploded by focusing on the corporate niche, delivering cookies for meetings and as gifts.

A couple weekends ago I visited a friend at his lakehouse. Someone brought a box of Tiff’s Treats and I noticed the company promotes a fantastic URL: CookieDelivery.com.

There are some obvious benefits to this domain name. Consider the person who’s introduced to Tiff’s Treats at a business meeting (or lakehouse). Remembering TiffsTreats.com is a bit harder than the impactful CookieDelivery.com, especially since Tiff’s has an apostrophe. Also, the domain name focuses on where the company makes its money. If I saw the box of Tiff’s Treats on the counter at the lakehouse and didn’t know anything about it, I’d figure it was just a bakery somewhere in Austin. But CookieDelivery.com tells me that I can go online and order a box of cookies.

The good domain name also helps with search engines. Searching for “cookie delivery” on Google yields CookieDelivery.com in the number three spot in a competitive industry. Not only does it rank well, but if someone searches for “cookie delivery” they are more likely to click on a Google listing for CookieDelivery.com than TiffsTreats.com.

Incidentally, the company also owns TiffsTreats.com. But BuyDomains owns TiffanysTreats.com.

[Editor’s note: I’m adding a new category to Domain Name Wire called “We Get It” that will profile company’s using generic domain names. Please send me a note if you have any recommendations.]

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  1. Anon

    SnapNames has been offline since Friday. It appears that they have some catastrophic problem because they have not been able to participate in drops over the past 3 days!!!!

  2. Andrew

    @ Anon – yes, I’m in contact with them trying to figure out what is going on. Please send that type of message to me directly at editor -at- domainnamewire.com so we can keep this discussion tied to the article. Thanks!

  3. Ricardo

    Very creative.

    The following domains are available. 🙂


    However, Frank is 2 steps ahead with

  4. Jamie Parks

    They sure do get IT! What an awesome domain name with an even richer and chewier website design.

    @Ricardo – None of the available domains you listed are as hot as CookieDelivery.com. Hence the reason they are still available.

    Good to see you thinking and sharing your findings though. You inspired me to see if this one was available: (which it is)


    Has a nice ring to it, but still can’t compete with CookieDelivery.com

  5. Thomas

    They do get it. However, just put the words cookie delivery into the page title and they would probably be even # 1 for the keyword!

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