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Here’s a list of blogs, mostly covering domains, that I read on a daily basis.

A lot of people ask me what blogs I read. I have a rule of thumb before I invest the time to start reading a blog: it must be in existence for at least 6 months. Many blogs pop up only to be abandoned after a couple months after their owners realize that blogging is a lot of work. I’ve seen many a domain blog follow this path, too.

So here’s a rundown of everything in my Google Reader in alphabetical order:

Conceptualist – Sahar Sarid’s blog. Sahar developed a company (Recall Media) around domains and web sites, and is behind the upcoming Bido.com. His blog isn’t just about domains, but provides good insite. One of my favorite recent posts is You Got Lucky. Now What.

Domainer’s Gazette – written by a relative newcomer to the industry, this blog paints a great point-of-view about how you can still be successful in this business even if you got in late.

Domain Name News – Adam Strong and Frank Michlick, two domain name industry veterans, provide constantly updated domain name news. (It’s kind of funny to call them veterans. They’re probably my age. You can be a veteran at age 30 in this industry). DNN is probably the most like Domain Name Wire compared to the other blogs I read.

Domain Tools Blog – written by Jay Westerdal of Name Intelligence. It can be difficult to ready because of the mny tpoos and badder grammer and sentences that run on forever kind of like this one (hey, he’s a techie), but this blog has some good posts. Keep in mind that Jay runs Name Intelligence, which is a competitor to other domain auctions, domain conferences, and even parking.

Elliot’s Blog – Elliot Silver blogs about domaining in general and posts updates on his Lowell.com project. A good read for “a day in the life of a web real estate developer.”

GigaOm – It has nothing to do with domain names, but my wife writes for it. So instead of commenting on the blog, I can comment about her posts at the dinner table 🙂 Domainers will be especially interested in the site’s Web Worker Daily blog.

Seven Mile – It’s in my RSS reader, but there hasn’t been much to read lately. Frank Schilling is taking a break from blogging. He really overdid it with his blog, often posting 10 times a day. Blogger burnout. And oh yeah, he has a $20M/year portfolio to run. I guess that’s important.

Feel free to comment about blogs that you like to read.

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  1. Enrico Schaefer says

    We are providing updates on legal issues facing domainers and portfolio owners at the above link. Of course, we subscribe to ALL of the above feeds and recommend same.

  2. Arvind Reddy says

    Hi. We have listed these and more at our DomainDictionary.com.

    It’s the most comprehenesive resource on the Domaining Business.


    Arvind Reddy

  3. Stephen Douglas says

    I hope to start a “real” blog one day, but until I do, all of Andrew’s and his commenters’ suggestions in this post are topnotch. 😉

    There are more than ten other people in this industry that I can think of right now that SHOULD have blogs but don’t. That’s a shame, or maybe they know how to keep the “good” info to themselves. *wink wink*

  4. Roland Buck says

    Funny how DomainNews.com, the premier site for domain industry news was conveniently ommitted from you list. Even the domain news king, Ron Jackson, acknowledges DomainNews by saying “Site with frequent news updates. Especially good at finding news items from the European market that are often missed elsewhere.” See http://www.dnjournal.com/resources.htm

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