Webfest Dine with an Expert registration now open

Registration now open to meet experts at Webfest.

I’ve always thought that one of the more interesting perks of DomainFest/Webfest is “Dine with an Expert”.

Dine with an Expert lets you reserve a spot at the breakfast or lunch table with an event speakers.

Webfest just opened up the registration page for this year’s Dine with an Expert. You can sign up to chat with people like Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, SearchEngineLand.com, Jay Weintraub of the LeadsCon conference, and domain industry faces such as Tim Switzer and Braden Pollock.

I can’t list everyone here, so just check out the full list and register.

And sorry, Kim Kardashian isn’t an option.

Another way to meet interesting people over breakfast or lunch is a new networking feature this year called “Break The Ice While Breaking Bread“. Tables will be marked with topics such as alternative monetization, SEO, and landing page optimization. Reservations aren’t required; you just find the table you want and start meeting people.

Kim Kardashian, the domainer

Webfest goes celeb for this year’s keynote.

Kim Kardashian[Update: read about her keynote here.] Oversee.net announced this evening that Kim Kardashian will keynote next months’ Webfest conference in Santa Monica.

The first question on many domainers’ minds: what the heck does Kardashian have to do with the domain name industry?

Let’s take a step back.

Webfest, formerly known as DOMAINfest, doesn’t always select keynoters that have a direct connection to the domain industry. Biz Stone (Twitter) and Steve Wozniak (Apple) certainly didn’t have much of a direct connection.

Yes, there’s always some sort of connection. Stone talked about buying Twitter.com. Wozniak talked about some of the domains he bought and being asked to join the board of ICANN. But it was limited.

Second, this is now Webfest, not DOMAINfest. It’s about growing businesses on the web. And Kardashian has done a bang up job on social media.

How much of that social media skill is transferable to the typical Webfest attendee is debatable. I don’t think many of us look as good as she does.

So what if I’m not convinced that her appearance has anything to do with the conference other than star power? Kardashian will certainly bring it; I’m sure the room will be packed for her “keynote”.

[Photo: © Glenn Francis, www.PacificProDigital.com]

Bali.com, JF.com, and Message.com added to Webfest live auction

Big names added to live Moniker domain name auction.

The list of domains for next month’s live auction during Webfest is growing.

Bali.com has been added with a reserve range of $750,000 to $1,000,000.

The site is owned by a Bali travel company. According to it’s about page, it has been operating as Bali.com since 2000.

There are two 2 letter .com domains in the auction: xu.com and jf.com. The former has a reserve of $100,000-$250,000 and the latter has a reserve of $250,000 to $500,000.

Message.com is listed for $250,000 to $500,000 as well. The same seller is also auctioning Judgment.com.

Shane Cultra is auctioning off Successor.com, a domain he recently purchased.

Tucows’ YummyNames has several domains in the auction: Jambalaya, Bez.com, and WebAdvertising.com.

Pre-bidding is open with 8 domains receiving bids so far.

First look at Webfest auction, plus Mike Mann auction on SnapNames

First dozen domains from Webfest auction released and Mike Mann’s DomainMarket.com teams up with SnapNames.

Pre-bidding has opened for the Webfest Live Auction taking place next month at Webfest Global (formerly DOMAINfest).

Only a dozen of the domains have been listed so far, but that list will grow between now and February.

Thin.com, Twin.com, and Wrestlers.com are among the domains on auction. One domain – briskets.com – already has a bidder.

In other SnapNames news, Mike Mann is running an auction on the platform that ends January 24.

The auction currently lists 24 domains, although I understand more might be added later.

Top domains include HappyBirthday.com, Lure.com, and WebRadio.com. The auction includes a handful of non-.com domains, including Gaza.og, Aftermarket.net, and Crime.org.

Reserves in the Mike Mann DomainMarket.com auction start at $1,000.

DomainSponsor’s Webfest to visit Endeavour space shuttle and Magic Castle

A space shuttle and the Magic Castle come to Webfest.

DomainSponsor’s Webfest (formerly known as DomainFest) is known for its glitzy parties.

It looks like February’s event will keep the reputation going.

The event is holding two big parties.

The first is (forgive me) “out of this world”. It will take place at the Space Shuttle Endeavour Pavilion, where you’ll drink cocktails and eat dinner underneath the shuttle. Astronaut Garrett Reisman will make a special appearance.

Second is a closing night party at the Magic Castle. I’ve been to this private magic club before, and it’s a real treat. I assume they’ll have a few magic shows going on during the party.

Webfest takes place Tuesday Feb 5 – Thursday Feb 7, 2013 in Santa Monica, California. Early bird ticket prices are available through the end of the month.