Company tries to emulate Chinese TM domain scam, fails miserably

The trademark domain name scam is one of the oldest in the book.

A registrar from China emails you, saying that someone is trying to register domain names very similar to your trademark or existing domain names. They’re checking with you as a courtesy to see if you’d like to register the domains first.

Although it might seem like a kind gesture, it’s all a lie. They’re trying to get you to register domain names through them.

Now a Brazil company is apparently trying the same tack. But it hasn’t figured out how to mail merge similar domain names in its spam. Here’s the message I just got:


We have identified domain registration attempts that you already have in other extensions.

Avoid the loss of these domain:


Check availability on our website and register now:

Grateful for your attention,

Team / Registracom Nice try.

There’s no record of an ICANN Accredited registrar with the name RegistraCom.

.XYZ seeks to dismiss Verisign’s expert testimony

New TLD company claims some expert testimony should not be allowed.

.XYZ is asking the court to dismiss expert testimony from four expert witnesses in Verisign’s false advertising lawsuit against the new top level domain company.

Some of the court filings are heavily redacted, leaving out the juicy details many in the domain name want to know. All expert witness reports were filed under seal.

For example, just what kind of deal did .XYZ have with Network Solutions when the latter gave away hundreds of thousands of .xyz domain names? Click here to continue reading…

Progressive Specialty Glass Company nailed for RDNH

Company fails to even make a prima facie of lack of rights or legitimate interest.

Specialty drinkware company Progressive Specialty Glass Company has engaged in reverse domain name hijacking.

National Arbitration Forum panelist Darryl C. Wilson came to this determination after the glass company filed a UDRP against Progressive Specialty Co Inc, a swag maker.

Both companies have been in a business for decades, and Progressive Specialty Co Inc. registered the domain name back in 1999.

It seems that, just recently, the complainant started pestering the respondent about her domain name. The complainant tried to get the respondent to sell her domain name. When that failed, it filed the UDRP. Click to continue reading…

Amazon wins: .Shop and .通販 not confusingly similar after all


Are the top level domain names .shop and .通販 likely to confuse a reasonable internet user?

Certainly not visually. Nor aurally.

They also don’t mean the same thing. According to fluent Japanese speakers, 通販 used to be the term for catalog/mail order shopping, and later encompassed online shopping.

Yet panelist Robert Nau found them too similar in a string confusion objection filed by Commercial Connect against, applicant for the Japanese string. Click here to continue reading…

Khloe Kardashian gets her (domain) name

Khloe will get domain name registered shortly after her first TV appearance.

TV celebrity Khloe Kardashian has won a cybersquatting dispute, and will soon by the proud owner of the domain name.

Kardashian and her agents filed the case against the domain name with World Intellectual Property Organization nearly two months ago.

The domain name did not resolve to a web page at the time, but it was parked prior to that. It was also listed for sale on GoDaddy, but the listing has been removed.

The owner of the domain name didn’t respond to the cybersquatting complaint. Noting that the domain name was registered just two weeks after Khloe Kardashian first appeared on the TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, panelist Ian Lowe said it was obvious the domain was registered to profit from the prospective fame of Khloe.