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  • Company pays $25k to resolve lawsuit stemming from UDRP

    1. BY - Sep 30, 2014
    2. Policy & Law
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    Domain name owner that sued after losing UDRP settles for $25,000 (not including the domain).

    Companies that file long shot UDRPs with the hope of scoring a great domain name, take note.

    An Austin company has agreed to pay $25,000 to settle a lawsuit filed against it after it initiated a UDRP case.

    And the company won its UDRP. Click to continue reading…

  • UDRP filed against, and it might be interesting

    1. BY - Sep 26, 2014
    2. Policy & Law
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    Dispute might be over business rather than cybersquatting.

    A UDRP was filed against the generic domain name yesterday, and this domain has an interesting history that suggests the issue might be bigger than cybersquatting.

    The domain was previously owned by, a company that is selling off its assets through “a General Assignment for the benefit of creditors pursuant to California state law.” That’s kind of like a bankruptcy. Hilco Streambank is handling the auction of many of its brands and domains, including and

    The domain was transferred from to Leon Kuperman of LGK Consulting around the middle of 2012. Kuperman is the former President of

    It appears is now being set up as a jewelry and accessories discount site; was a jewelry auction site.

    National Arbitration Forum doesn’t publish the name of complainants until a case is concluded, but it’s possible we’re looking at a business dispute rather than a cybersquatting issue. I’ve reached out to Kuperman and another party that might have additional details and will update this story as they become available.

  • Spamhaus wins in UDRP, but it won’t get the domain right away

    1. BY - Sep 25, 2014
    2. Policy & Law
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    Domain name is part of Ondova portfolio tied up in courts.

    A UDRP panel has awarded anti-spam group The Spamhaus Project the domain name, but the group won’t be able to use the domain any time soon.

    The domain name is registered to Ondova Limited Company and is part of a domain name portfolio that has been locked up in bankruptcy court for years.

    When the UDRP was filed, lawyers acting for United States Bankruptcy Trustee of Ondova Limited Company sent a nasty letter stating it would seek damages if the domain was transferred. Click to continue reading

  • Sun City Casino Gambles On UDRP And Loses

    1. BY - Sep 23, 2014
    2. Policy & Law
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    A confusing set of circumstances, but panel rules it certainly isn’t cybersquatting.

    Sun International Limited, operator of hotels and casinos in Africa and Latin America, has lost a UDRP for

    The company failed to prove that the respondent, Sun Ventures Development Limited, lacked rights or legitimate interests in the domain name and didn’t prove it was registered in bad faith.

    This is a case in which the panelists earned their keep; there’s a confusing array of dates and facts they had to deal with. These includes when the respondent started business, what brands it marketed, when it started using the SunBet name, and that the two Mandarin characters it uses mean “SunGame” and “SunBet”. Click here to continue reading…

  • Latest domain name scam spoofs ICANN, worse than domain renewal scam

    1. BY - Sep 23, 2014
    2. Policy & Law
    3. 15 Comments

    Scammer sends fake renewal notices with goal of getting your credit card information.

    ICANN may have shut down Domain Registry of America for now, but new scams pop up just about every day.

    Joseph Peterson sent one example to me today that I haven’t seen before.

    He received an email with the subject line “ EXPIRATION!”, in which matched one of his domains. Although his domain doesn’t expire until next year, the email claims it expires October 14.

    Interestingly, the email advertises that renewing the domain name only costs only $3 for a year (more on that later). If you click the payment link, you’ll see a page like this: click here to continue reading…