Unbiased.com saved in UDRP but no RDNH

UDRP panel is unbiased, finds in favor of domain name owner.

The owner of Unbiased.co.uk has failed to win rights to the Unbiased.com domain name in a UDRP.

Unbiased.co.uk helps people find financial advisers, mortgage brokers, solicitors and accountants. The company filed its cybersquatting claim on the basis of a trademark for unbiased.co.uk.

While panelists Neil Brown, Henrik af Ursin and Paul M. DeCicco found against Unbiased.co.uk in the case, they declined to find the company to have engaged in reverse domain name hijacking.

The big strike against the domain name owner was that links on the parked domain name relate to finding financial advisers. The panel determined that, despite these links, it is mostly likely that the domain name was acquired because of the domain’s value as a generic domain name.

If it weren’t for the financial links, it wouldn’t surprise me if the panel agreed that this was a case of reverse domain name hijacking.

Ari Goldberger of ESQwire represented the respondent.

Vox Populi wants trademark for .Sucks

Controversial new top level domain name registry wants to trademark “.sucks”.

.SucksVox Populi, the domain name registry for .Sucks, has applied for the trademark “.Sucks” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

The goods and services for the mark are “Domain name registration services; registration of domain names for identification of users on a global computer network.”

The USPTO does not grant trademarks for top level domain names, so I’m not sure what Vox Populi hopes to accomplish with this application.

Vox Populi also recently applied for a trademark for “How Do You Really Feel?”

Scripps Networks Interactive, through its top level domain name company Lifestyle Domain Holdings, recently applied for three trademarks related to its new top level domains: Living, Lifesytle and Vana.

Are IDN .com owners about to get screwed?

Verisign finds way to sign ICANN contract, but it might come at the expense of IDN investors.

[Update: see comment from Verisign at end.]

It’s been a long, long wait for owners of internationalized domain names under .com.

The idea was that they’d get rights to IDN.IDN-as-transliteration domain names to match their IDN.com names when they came out. So they registered IDN.com domain names and held on to them for a decade, waiting for their investment to pay off.

Given that the IDN-as-transliteration sounds like “com”, it will create a lot of confusion if two different parties owned IDN.com and IDN.IDN-as-transliteration.

Verisign ran into a bit of trouble executing this plan when it came to contracting with ICANN. Registries can’t hold back a bunch of domains in perpetuity, as ICM Registry discovered.

On yesterday’s Q2 conference call, Verisign CEO James Bidzos announced: Click to continue reading…

Patent troll applies for domain name management patent

Intellectual Ventures wants patent related to managing domain names and web hosting.

Some big companies in the domain name space have lots of patents. Despite threats, no major players have tried to extract money out of their competitors.

But registrars should be concerned about a recent patent application because of the company behind it: Intellectual Ventures. Through its company III Holdings 1, LLC, the company has applied for a patent for “System and Method for Domain Management and Migration”.

The application (pdf) describes two types of systems: Click here to continue reading…

“Spa Community” gets .Spa domain name

Group wins Community Priority Evaluation for .Spa.

Asia Spa and Wellness Promotion Council Limited has won (for now) the sole right to operate the .Spa top level domain name after winning a Community Priority Evaluation for the name.

The group scored 14 points (pdf) out of 16 to prevail. It lost one point for “Content and Use” and one for “Community Endorsement” under support.

According to its application, Asia Spa and Wellness Promotion Council Limited “is the regional coordinating body for the promotion of spa and wellness centres. We assist national and regional organisations in promoting spa and wellness centres both inter- and intra-regionally to an audience of wellness tourists, health practitioners and other stakeholders.” Click to continue reading…