Slotting fees and supplier rebates in the domain name industry

The domain name registration business has some similarities to rebate policies in the grocery business.

Store shelves

You have to pay for eye-level exposure.

I read an article in The Economist over the weekend about grocery chains and supplier rebates, and it had a number of parallels to the domain name industry.

Grocery stores make profits in two ways other than from the margin on selling food. First, they get slotting fees from food manufacturers that want shelf space, with higher prices for better space. As an example, Hostess might pay a grocery chain to position Twinkies and Ding Dongs at eye level while competing products are lower on the shelf.

This is akin to registries paying registrars to place their extensions higher in search results. Click here to continue reading… runs smart .News promotion

Other registries and registrars should take a look at this promotion. is running a well-designed marketing contest for free .News domain names. Competitors should take note.

The domain name registrar is giving away 100 free non-premium .news domain names when the top level domain releases to the public next month. In order to get one of the free domains, people have to go to a webpage and enter their email address.

They’ll then be given a place in line, and the top 100 people in line on July 15 get a free domain. Click to continue reading…

Google Domains is renewing domain names for free

Select customers who turn on auto renew by July 11 get a free one year renewal.

Google DomainsGoogle Domains, Google’s newish domain name registration service, is renewing domain names for free.

The company sent an email to some of its customers today, offering to renew their domain names free for a year if they turn on auto renew.

The offer only applies to domain names registered before June 21, so you can’t register domain names today and get two years for one. However, for domains registered prior to that date, all customers have to do is turn on auto renew by July 11.

When the domains renew, customers will be billed for the full renewal price, but they’ll receive a refund within 2-3 weeks. Click here to continue reading…

CentralNic raises £2.3 Million

CentralNic pads bank account with institutional placement.

centralnicPublicly traded domain name registry and registrar CentralNic (AIM: CNIC) has raised £2.3 Million by placing 5,750,000 new ordinary shares. The shares were sold at 40 pence each, above yesterday’s closing mid-market price of 34.5 pence. Shares are trading between 37.50 pence and 39.00 pence today.

The shares will represent 8.58% of the company’s ordinary share capital.

CentralNic can boast being the #2 backend registry for new top level domain names (in volume) behind Rightside Registry. This is thanks, in large part, to running .xyz, which accounts for about one million domain names. It also sells a number of third level registrations as pseudo country domains, such as and

The company also owns domain name registrar

CentralNic will use the money for general working capital purposes and to be in a position to make small acquisitions.

10 new domain names you can register for $1.50 or less

Register these domain names without burning a hole in your wallet.

Want some inexpensive domain names? You’re in luck. At least 10 new TLDs can be registered today for just $1.50 or less, and only two of them have any sort of limits on registrations.

While some registrars, notably 1&1, offer .com and other TLDs at a big discount, the offer is typically limited to one registration per customer. Except for the first two on the list below, I believe there are no limits in place at the registrars.

I collected this information by viewing registrar sites and with the help of price lists at All prices have been converted to U.S. dollars at today’s exchange rate. Click here to continue reading…