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  • An example of new TLD channel marketing courtesy of Minds + Machines

    1. BY - Sep 10, 2014
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    Getting registrars excited about promoting new TLDs is key to each registry’s success.

    Minds + MachinesI’ve written numerous times about what new TLD companies are doing to promote their domain names to end users.

    Just as important is marketing them to domain name registrars, which typically act as the channel to get domain names into the hands of end users. This is especially important given the flood of new domain names hitting the market every week.

    Here’s an example of channel marketing… …Click here to continue reading

  • Kellie Peterson promoted to President of DNC Holdings

    1. BY - Sep 05, 2014
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    Peterson promoted from CSO role.

    Kellie PetersonA familiar face at domain name conferences has been named president of DNC Holdings.

    DNC Holdings, which you more likely know by its registrar name Directnic, has promoted Kellie Peterson from the Chief Strategy Officer role.

    Peterson will be responsible for DNC’s registrar services, aftermarket, monetization and publishing units.

    Before joining DNC Holdings, Peterson ran the Domain Business Unit at Endurance International. Endurance, now a public company, is a rollup of shared hosting and domain name registrars including Prior to Endurance, Peterson was Executive Vice President at

    In a separate announcement, Directnic said it now accepts bitcoin and other crypto currencies for domain name registrations. It has integrated with GoCoin to accept bitcon, litecoin and dogecoin.

  • Uniregistry releases domain tracker to Hoover up domain names

    1. BY - Sep 02, 2014
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    System shows you which of your domains are about to expire and lets you transfer them to Uniregistry.

    Uniregistry (the registrar, not registry) has launched a new dashboard called “Domain Tracker”.

    It’s the first integration between Frank Schilling’s registrar and his domain sales/parking platform

    The dashboard pulls in all the domains you have listed on and shows their nameservers, expiration dates and registrar.

    Uniregistry’s goal is to get you to transfer the domain names to the registrar, but the tool should prove helpful even to people who choose not to use Uniregistry. Here’s how the dashboard looks:


    The dashboard calls out how many domain names are expiring within the next 30, 60 and 120 days. Most people think about transferring domain names when they are to expire, and each box on the page has a “transfer now” button.

    There’s also a callout that shows domain names listed for sale on that are unregistered. These are domain names you listed and then let expire. It’s handy that Uniregistry will register them for you with one click, but it would be even more helpful if there was a way to quickly remove them from your DNS account.

    People who use DNS will probably find this tool helpful. I personally manage expirations through a combination of Watch My Domains Pro and DomainTools’ Domain Monitor; perhaps I’ll add Uniregistry’s system as a backup.

  • Christine Jones’ gubernatorial bid ends in primaries

    1. BY - Aug 27, 2014
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    Former GoDaddy exec places third in Republican primary.

    Christine JonesChristine Jones, former general counsel for GoDaddy, lost her bid to become the next governor of Arizona in the Republican primary yesterday.

    Doug Ducey, current Arizona treasurer and former CEO of ice cream franchise Cold Stone Creamery, took 37% of the vote in the primary. Jones finished third with 16.7% of the vote.

    GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons contributed over $1 million to fund attack ads against Ducey. Parsons told reporters his commercials were in response to Ducey claiming Jones was a “line employee” at GoDaddy; as general counsel she was one of the company’s top executives.

    Running in a Republican primary in Arizona, Jones and the other candidates leaned pretty far to the right to attract voters. Unsurprisingly, one attack against Jones was her cameo in a risque GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial.

    Jones’ 16.7% take in a crowded field was probably a lot better than people expected when she threw her hat in the ring. Her newly found name recognition should help her in business, or should she decide to run for another office.

  • Domain name registration and the Paradox of Choice

    1. BY - Aug 25, 2014
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    Offering too many choices might lead to more abandoned shopping carts.

    Paradox of ChoiceOne of my favorite books is Barry Schwartz’s The Paradox of Choice.

    The premise of the book is that more choice doesn’t necessarily mean more satisfaction. It can lead to regret, dissatisfaction, and indecision.

    The book references a report by Columbia and Stanford researchers called “When Choice is Demotivating” (pdf).

    One of the field experiments in the report involved a sample station at a gourmet food store. One of the sample stations had six different jams that customers could taste. They were given a $1 off coupon if they wished to purchase one. In the other case, the sample station had 24 different jams that customers could taste. They were also given the coupon.

    Were the people presented with 6 choices or 24 choices more likely to buy?

    Six. By a long shot. 30% of those that were presented with six jams to taste bought one. Only 3% of those presented with 24 choices bought one.

    This type of result is repeated over and over again in studies. When faced with too many options, people often select no option.

    Domain name registrars should take note when presenting domain name options.

    This is not a problem originated by new TLDs, although it certainly exacerbates the problem. Even before new TLDs hit the market, registrars returned dozens or hundreds of options for each domain lookup.

    The key is presenting options in a limited way, while also offering to show more options to users who want them. It boils down to a user design problem: making it simple for those that desire simplicity and offering choice to those that demand it.

    From this perspective, few domain name registrars are succeeding. Perhaps the best is Uniregistry, which shows six options and a link to view more.

    Here are how many choices I see at various registrars after doing a domain search:

    Hover 100 (because I stopped counting) 33 32 (but just four non-premium options are shown and separated)
    GoDaddy 10
    1&1 8

    You might argue that domain search is different. Someone came to the store determined to leave with a jar of jam. But what if the one jam they wanted was out of stock? Then they’re faced with a choice again.

    They search for

    Show them if is taken. If so, show them if they can purchase it as a premium domain.

    If not, show them 2-3 alternative extensions or variations on the .com string.

    Then if they want to dig in, give me them the option to see more choices.

    I’m convinced that showing the right 5 or 6 options beats showing dozens of options every time. It may be that showing every option is just a default for poor domain search technology.