Wow: is this the most expensive new TLD sale yet? sells for $17,500.

The .Club domain name enters landrush tomorrow, and already the domain name is showing solid early results.

Point in fact: sold for $17,500.

Given the huge supply of new TLDs hitting the market, solid keywords are selling for a fraction of what the matching .com domain would sell for. So $17,500 is really high. (This is something I’ll talk about on my panel at DomainFest tomorrow.)

Add to that TLD Registry’s $181,000 haul a couple weeks ago and premium domains appear like they might actually pull in decent sums for new TLD operators.

.Club has also convinced MaryKay to buy and

I gather the difference between these TLD’s sales and others is that they’re actually going out and selling domains rather than waiting for buyers to come to them. After all, MaryKay doesn’t own and, but someone sold them on the idea of owning the .club domains. It takes outbound sales to make this sort of thing happen.

This also shows there may be an opportunity for domainers who are willing to put in some leg work. Find those registries that aren’t holding back all of their premiums, buy them at reasonable prices, then find buyers who may not have been aware that new TLDs were coming out.


  1. Chows Downs Nows says

    Almost nobody want’s .club. Nobody wants .com club domains either. I’ve had many since the mid 90’s with literally no interest.

  2. i guess so says

    That is a strategy for sure with the endless amount of told extensions, one could be kept busy on o called premium tld for a long time..If that’s your broker business model

  3. Domo Sapiens says

    In context,

    Let’s not forget that sold for $200,000

    I could pull a few more dozen “Rolling Tumbleweed extensions” domain sales…;)

    domains that are catatonic or waiting for another buyer…

  4. DonnyM says

    That is great to have and many nice looking names available but in the end how many people will type in the .com by default. If it is even a low 10% it is to much.

  5. Jonathan says

    Was this an early initial registration sale by the registrar/registry to someone? Not an aftermarket sale?

  6. Philip says

    It’s all about promoting the domains which certain of the TLD operators have taken on board and are geared up to do.

  7. Pedro Rodrigues says

    just wondering about in, and …
    .social or .software – 95.000,00 USD !!!
    .london – 14.228,89 USD !!
    .build – 5.700,00 USD !

    Quite a podium.

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