Latest top level domain related trademarks: .xyz, Uniregistry, and more

These companies have filed trademark application for slogans related to top level domain names.

Domain name registries are lining up all sorts of catchy slogans for their businesses. Here are some recent applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

“The Right Domain Name Can Change Your Life” – Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry filed an intent-to-use application for this slogan. Its applications could be for its registry or registrar businesses.

“Name Yourself Online” – another intent-to-use application from Uniregistry

“It comes after the dot” – .XYZ

“For Every Website Everywhere” – .XYZ

“Beyond the Dot” – Fairwinds Partners filed this application for its website and conference on new TLDs

“There’s a TLD for that” – Donuts

“SafeTLD” – Artemis, which is vying for .secure and also now has .trust.


  1. says

    Andrew – think you forgot about RightOfTheDot…. 😉 these are all ours:
    85302289 4117501 RIGHT OF THE DOT TSDR LIVE
    85302267 4104593 RIGHT OF THE DOT TSDR LIVE
    85302259 4104592 RIGHT OF THE DOT TSDR LIVE

  2. Blackjack Bill says

    Hi Andrew, how about:

    Gtld: Good To Lose Dollars


    Gtld’s: Better than Florida Swampland


    Gtld’s: Reserve your bridge to nowhere today!


    Gtld’s: Start with a poor foundation today so you can scapegoat your business failure tomorrow.


    Watch your losses grow – invest in gtld’s today!


    Gtld’s: Reserved exclusively for the .dumb, .dumber and .dumbest

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