Stone Temple Pilots to play DomainFest

STP on the bill for DomainFest 2014.

DomainSponsor’s DomainFest conference is always known for legendary entertainment. The Playboy Mansion comes to mind. Renting our Universal Studios. In other words, over-the-top events when compared to other domain conferences.

This year the conference has another great event, but in an entirely different category: Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington will play Tuesday, April 2 at a private event. The location will be revealed at registration, and badges of course will be required to attend.

Talk about reliving the 90s!

I haven’t yet decided if I’ll attend DomainFest this year, but they’re making it difficult to say no.


  1. Pigman says

    How stupid can a news post be without letting the reader know the dates or providing an event registration page or website link

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